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SWR Meter Poll


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Nov 12, 2013
Am curious.

1. Do you use an external SWR meter in your shack?

2. If you do, do you keep it in-line most of the time?

3. What make and model do you use?

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i use a mfj antenna tuner model 949,,, that way i can switch from bypass to inline so i can do cb and 10 meters,,,, it is always in line,,,, when i do antenna work i use a mfj 259,,, and i have several swr meters for hf and vhf/uhf,,,,in case i need them
I use one of these, don't laugh its highly accurate.
The little analog Radio Shack one works really well too, believe it or not!

Currently use the Palstar one that is in my tuner. And it stays inline all the time.

1. Yes
3.The Ameritron AW35 BH

What I like about this meter is it has a remote sensor so you can mount the sensor unit out of sight and out of the way and the sensor is where your coax connections are. Then you run the sensor cable (cat5e cable) to the meter. This lets you mount the meter anywhere and you don't have to run coax to it, just a single easy to hide sensor cable.

The meter is accurate enough and it is a true Peak reading meter. One give away to those other so called Peak reading meters like the Dosey's is they don't require external power to operate, the power connection on those is for the meter light only. A peak reading meter needs external power, let the CB crowd use the Dosey meters!

The Ameritron is 1kw, if you need legal limit, Palstar makes an excellent Peak reading meter for 3kw and uses a remote sensor too. Palstar PM2000AM is the model number.

I use the Ameritron in my home shack and the Palstar in my mobile. No personal preference to using either one at either station.
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