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Swr problem on 102" whip

Yes. The whip has to be insulated from the bracket. The radials are not.
Like this. Note the white insulator.

CB Antenna 2.jpg
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Hi,. I just trying to get started in CB, so I have to crawl before I walk. I have a mobile radio in my home hooked to a 102" steel whip and spring mounted to 20' pole and my swr as running 1.9 to 2.5 I tied to adjust but no luck. I noticed my pl259 wouldn't tighten up properly on the radio, cheap coax and connectors ? So I got some new coax gray 8x, that connected properly on each end, Damn the swr are even higher now.3 / 3.2 lol the way through. Are you supposed to shorten or raise to lower swr ?? Now the pole is right next to my mobile home, could that be the problem ???
Remove the spring and check the SWR.
Welcome to the forum Dannell. You'll want your antenna to look something similar to one of these. 3 or 4 radials will work better than 1 or 2 if you can.

Follow Riverman's construction advice and you'll be cooking with gas.

73 and good luck
Yes I looked it over real good, but you know it has a nut that tightens down against the bracket on bottom where it goes.through the hole Isn't that part of grounding it ?
There should be a plastic insulator exposed on the bottom side of the bracket also and a flat steel washer, lock-washer and nut. If the flat steel washer is touching the metal bracket, that's a no-no! Cold and freezing? Where? I'm in Upstate NY.
Y'all know it's dark and freezing ?
Is your home-brew bracket thicker than the Wilson backet? Could it be you did not install the bottom insulator washer because there weren't enough threads because of the thicker bracket?
Well, good luck to you because I'm fresh out of ideas.
Welcome aboard!

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