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Texas star dx 350 staying hot when off?

Well, nomad is right, if the amplifier heat sink is getting / staying hot, then that means the heat is being generated by the RF power transistors.
It would be prudent to check the transistors bias resistance first, then do a quick check of the transistors bias voltage.
He mentioned that the meter light goes out when it's unkeyed. Being as the light gets voltage from the same switched source as the bias supply, I doubt the bias supply is staying on.
I doubt the bias supply is staying on.
But something is.

Simply lifting the base lead of all four transistors from the foil pad should stop the renegade current drain.

If it doesn't, there's one or more failed transistors.

If this DOES shut down the renegade receive current, next measurement to make is the voltage to ground at each of the foil pads where a transistor base lead was lifted away. Should be zero. If not, it's coming from somewhere.

Troubleshooting any kind of short circuit consists of taking things loose until the fault current is interrupted.

Check the bias resistance first .........
Then check the bias voltage.........very quickly.......
These are the two easiest things to do FIRST without changing out components and guessing.......

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