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Texas star/outcom Dx-600 repill


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Sep 26, 2017
I have a Varmint SSL-250 that was a 1x4 originally.

I converted it to a straight 4 pill and I can confirm that they are mrf454s or the final outputs are. The driver tested like a mrf450..

I've had 2. One with house part numbers and my current one with Motorola labeled mrf454s

The parts you have would drop into your amp but don't forget to rebuild the bias supply for the transistors!

If you don't replace the parts there you'll burn up the new finals immediately
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Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
We keep a regulated 1-Amp power supply at each end of the work area. Any amplifier that's been repaired is first hooked up to this one. If there is any kind of short circuit or boo-boo it can't pull more than 1 Amp of fault current.

Works pretty well for setting bias current. A transistor that has too much base current will simply trip the power supply's overload. Once the amplifier can be keyed (with no drive) on the small power supply, it's safe to connect the full power up to it.

Got tired of poofing RF transistors just because I missed or forgot a 5-cent resistor.


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