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The New FTDX10 Compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR

As ive said ,its not so much the radio,its the repair center.they seem to be a bunch that dont give a damm about fixing a radio.
I understand first time they missed problem but 5 yes 5 trips back n not in my hands working?
Anything is only as good as service.
Poor parts changers = no more of that brand.
must be why they give a 3 year warranty.
must be why they give a 3 year warranty.

Warranty is useless if they don't correct the issues & just keep doing patch work.They release newer model of the same radio & leave the original model owners holding the bag.Totally unfair since most people can't afford a new model every year or so.

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I'm leery of Yaesu. The HF rigs made in the late '80s/early'90s were superior to the ones that came later in terms of receiver performance. I had the joy of operating an FT-990 several times. Loved that radio. When I went looking for something in 2000 my choice was between finding a clean used '990 and the new FT-920 (well, it had been out a few years). I chose the '920. Big mistake. The internal tuner broke in no time flat. I never did get it fixed and simply bought an LDG AT-200Pro instead.

I liked the option of being able to switch the DSP on and off but found the receiver had significant blowby and poor opposite sideband rejection when the DSP was off. I guess the expectation was that the DSP be on all the time. There were other things that I've forgotten that just cumulatively worked toward me knowing that buying it was a mistake. I added practically every INRAD mod to help it but the basic issues remained.

I moved it down the road in 2010 and bought the K3 which I still have and use daily. I still have several Yaesu radios that are serving me well. I'm not in the market for their current offerings.

The Yaesu FT-990 was my very 1st HF base radio back in 1994.I purchased it New from HRO.It was the AC/DC model & I purchased the matching external speaker with the filters in it & the MD-100 desk microphone.I thought I was a King & I made lots of QSO's on it.I sold all of my Ham Radio gear several years later & about 10 years later got back into Ham Radio & went with ICOM gear.I have purchased many radios since then between ICOM,Yaesu,& Kenwood & the Yaesu Radios have been a Nightmare & that's putting it lightly.Given a choice I'll take a Baofeng over a Yaesu since they have been far more dependable for me.I stick with ICOM now for all of my HF/6 meter needs & I have ICOM QYT,TYT,& Baofeng for my VHF/UHF gear & I have no desire for anything that Yaesu sells other than their Antenna Rotors & my G-800SDX has been going for a very long time.

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Called about my YAHOO today. I got a shit eatin kinda remark,did you know your radio intermods badly? Did you know when it warms up its hard to understand when talking?
Im like NO SHIT SHERLOCK if you ever read the 5 letters i sent every time it arrived at your shop it coulda been
A fixed
Been on the bench over a week now n im out 1 radio i paid for to USE

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