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using an uninsulated tower as an antenna


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Apr 26, 2011
east cost lincolnshire England
now my next tower is going to be insulated from the ground so it will be straightforward to use the tower for an antenna
But my present tower is earthed very well into the ground ..my thinking is you can have an antenna like a Victor 4000 or any other completely DC-grounded antenna and match it with a gamma match or other matching device ..for the antenna radiator I would run a wire up the side of the mast as the extending sections may not make good connections ..my tower including the victor 4000 which as DC grounded would form part of the antenna is about 85 feet/26m would be 5/8 wave ish for 40m so my question is how and what do I need to match it to 40m...or I suppose just over 1/4 wave for 80m ..i can adjust the length of the tower if needed
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Gamma match to a grounded tower is said to work okay. Just make sure you bond each tower section to the one above it. A piece of stainless sheet on the tower leg above and another one below where they join gets a copper strap across the joint. A stainless worm clamp keeps each end attached. The layer of stainless keeps the copper from getting chemically active with the zinc surface of the tower leg.

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