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What is this?

Thanks Nomadradio.

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It ain't no turnstile.
It is only two one wavelength long elements per side.
Each element is fed in the middle of the one wavelength wire.
Each one wavelength wire is bent at 90° in the middle.
One of the one wavelength wires is connected in the middle to the coax center conductor.
One of the one wavelength wires is connected in the middle to the coax braid.
The 1:1 balun is at the feedpoint.
If the elements were half as long, it would be a turnstile antenna of some sort.

But half-wave long wires should give it a horrendously high feedpoint impedance.

I'm baffled.

Yea, using a 1 : 1 balun on those 1/2 wave legs was the first thing I thought was out of sorts..
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VERTICAL PLOT, Notice both have very high swr, I did not try to solve for swr, simply used 11.05 meters as one full wave.X VERTICAL.jpg
Good job. As expected, “Z” is extremely high on full wave dipoles. As is SWR. The proof is in the pudding. Or the model, I guess I should say.
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