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when tech say they been fixing them for years


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Dec 7, 2008
so back in oct 2022 i sent my 2k counter module for repairs to snake radio custom he said he been fixing them for years
for $75.00 to fix mine then i get am email saying he couldn't fix it but had one already refurbish for x amount of dollars i bit the bullet and did it
well as of yesterday the counter is not working the dreaded 92000 i email him about the issue he said because of the age on the unit there is no guarantee
even thought he said he stocks the chips and so on so back to looking for another counter
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thats what happens when you give your money to a piece of crap unqualified looser like that scumbag. Hahaha, i cant believe people actually give that douchbag money.
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Refurbished implies working. What he does, even though the videos have been deleted, is hose radios. Literally.
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Yes, that definitely sucks!!
I believe the name of his business says it all. Snake! I suppose you could say he's up front about it from the start.
Again, I feel your pain, 1iwilly.
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Did you get your old one back?

I am curious what he calls "refurbished". I bet it received the usual "idiots video card fix" and was popped in an oven without flux or concerns for the electrolytic caps.

Usually when something refurbished only works for a short time, it hints at a bad reflow. Like with bitcoin mining GPU's that get that no-flux oven treatment, the solder crack is still there because there was no flux to carry the oxides out, and the thermal expansion makes just enough of a temororary contact that it sticks for a short enough time to sell it.

I bet he baked it, that failed, and when he tried to get the parts off to test them, his solder sucker wasn't up to the task. I'm just guessing...

Don't toss it out. I've read that the only replacements are from other radios that were already butchered as no extras were ever produced.
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And if it is the TC5032P (supposedly most common failure point, the part that has been "discontinued for 20 years"), there are a few vendors on Digipart that claim to have them in stock :) There is a bunch on ebay too.
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no he didn't sent me my original he added extra cap and resistor to beef it up it's beef up alright it went puff
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The dreaded "92.200" failure has more than one potential cause. It only tells you that the 35 MHz VCO signal from the radio's PLL is not reaching the 5032 chip. Or maybe that the5032 is the culprit.


Only way to make sense of it is with a 'scope that has sufficient bandwidth to 'see' the counter's inputs and follow them downstream to the 5032, chip by chip. We have seen more than one of the five or six chips the signal passes through go bad at one time or another. The 5032 is not the only possible failure, just one of the most annoying. We got that one from UTSource last time. Never had a counterfeit from them.

I replaced the electrolytics in the counter module and problem was resolved.
That's what we do first, and if it's still broke, out comes the 'scope probe. Noise spikes that appear on the power supply voltage will make the digital chips go psycho. All those small electrolytic caps serve to suppress digital noise pulses on the DC that supplies the chips.

Most extreme case will have "buzz" noises coming from the receiver speaker. If enough of the counter's electrolytics go bad, the digital switching pulses will leak into the radio's audio section. First clue is the way the sound changes when switching from "counter" to "clock". If the tone of the buzz is altered when the digit pattern changes, this clinches it.


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