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Wouxun KG-UVD1P Review

Ever notice that it's the simple/easy things that can really paint yourself into a corner with? I started a download from that Wouxun site and was told that the computer was going to rename the thing by tacking a '(3)' on the end of it. As in there being two other downloads with the exact same name... aww @#$!
Thanks Mole'.
- 'Doc
Anyone else that has one of these radios should feel free to add their own comments and points of view to this review.


The documentation that comes with this radio is reminiscent of the manuals that were shipped with the early VCRs; the translation into English is cryptic, at best. The box has some weird translations also, the best being the "Speedy Switch on Work Mode (A/B + TDR)" The A/B and TDR describe buttons on the radio, but I have yet to figure out what "Speedy Switch on Work Mode" means. That said, this is a fairly simple radio so the manual will generally give you enough information to figure out how to perform the various functions. In my opinion, the most important part of the manual is the part that describes the various key shortcuts that get you to the radio functions and settings. I've converted the factory PDF manual so it can be searched to help users find various topics and attached it to this post.
Dear Moleculo,
I downloaded your "edited" version of the KG-UVD1 but I do not see any difference from the original factory manual. Am I missing something ?
Thank you and best 73's.

Ernie Bello WA4BWI

E-Mail: WA4BWI@yahoo.com
Dear Moleculo,
I downloaded your "edited" version of the KG-UVD1 but I do not see any difference from the original factory manual. Am I missing something ?
Thank you and best 73's.

Ernie Bello WA4BWI

E-Mail: WA4BWI@yahoo.com

The original manual was a scanned PDF image which means you can't use Acrobat's "search" function to find anything quickly. I converted it to text based PDF to enable the search function.
Wouxun KG-UVD1


Thanks for your prompt answer to my question.
Now I understand your Wouxun Manual Editing.
Hope more people like you devote some time to help other hams
with manuals problems and other radio stuff.
Best Holiday wishes and keep up the good work !!!

Ernie Bello WA4BWI

Wouxon radios/software do not change ports. You have to look in your device manager to see which one is assigned when you connect the cable to your USB port. I use my USB ports for several different devices and the USB driver sets the port to the one it chooses.

I have 2 of the 144/440 and 1 of the 144/222 version and had a few quirks in the beginning and now I've gotten used to them. For your information the Help Files are missing in the KG-UV3D version software download, yet this version works with the 1, 2 and 3 models okay from my experience.

As far as the voice prompt, I like it better than a key beep, it indicates what memory that you are selecting or announcing keys you are pressing.
Thanks for ur reply.
Do u mean, I pgm ch 1-20 with 440 freqs, and 21-40 with 144 freqs?

You just program in what frequencies you want into any of the 128 memory channels, in any configuration you wish. You can set the transmit and receive frequencies for different bands if you so please.
Thanks Mo' I'll do a re-install of the drivers. But other than my software issue. This is one SUPER radio. I can hit repeaters that my other HT's can only want to hit. Now I want to do the audio Mod to it.

If you have installed USB drivers on your machine for any device you don't need to reinstall them. USB drivers assign the port number upon connection of the USB cable. USB drivers work with nearly all USB devices. When you connect the cable, connect first to the computer, look in your device manager for the port it is connected to, then connect the cable firmly to the radio and it should do just fine. It must be seated firmly and fully to the radio to work. I had that happen on the first try then no trouble since.
Hello friends, i'm from Portugal and I have some radios, CB Radios, VHF/UHF Radios, and others.
I have a Wouxun KG-UVD1P and I have a problem, I can´t connect the radio with the computer by the usb port...
I connect the cable, instal softwere but is allways the same message "Failed Conection" I try to connect in every usb port but the message still appear...

If anyone knows how to help me please write it...
PS Sorry for the mistakes, my English is far from perfect :D
Run the program and in the 'Set Up' you will have to select the comport of use. That should be a 'one time' thing. If you then check in the device manager portion of your computer you should see if that comport is available for that USB port. If not, either change the port in the Wouxun program, or in the device manager (your option). When you connect things, it should then work.
The Wouxun program gave me two options for a com port on my computer. It did not give me two options on a laptop computer, so all computers and port options are not the same. Make the appropriate choices where allowed and changes where you have to.
Good luck.
- 'Doc
Great review. Looks like a nice handful.

Thanks for helping me to decide to "push the button" and buy this fine radio. :)

I'm gonna save up my shekels and go for the whole package.

How do I scan the channels I have stored in memory? I must be missing something.

you can scan stored freqs 3 ways. either by name, channel or by chan/freq.

memorize this keystroke:

menu -> 21 -> menu. this will bring up the 3 modes plus the mode to get out of stored freqs and back to regular VFO, which is labelled FREQ.

once in the CH-MDF (21) mode, you cycle by pressing the up or down arrows. it will cycle between FREQ, CH, CHFREQ and NAME.

again, all but the FREQ will select which displays on the screen.

finish the selection by pressing the menu button again...
KG-UVD1P battery life

I take my KG-UVD1P on business road trips and just using a fully charged 1400mAh battery that came standard I have plenty of power after 10-11 hours mostly listening with maybe a half-dozen conversations. Battery "gauge" shows more than 50%. We all know we can trust built-in gauges just like S-Meters, right? I truthfully haven't even used the 1700 mAh battery I ordered with it although I keep it charged and with me.

To echo others' comments: I too am baffled and a little miffed at not having some easier way to adjust squelch. Seems some sort of button atop the volume control knob could be pushed to use the knob to control squelch? Geez - these are made in CHINA - they certainly could solve that problem even while they deploy EMP weapons, can't they! (Maybe activating that invaluable LED flashlight and using that volume knob could do it?)

Another beef is that lack of a dc input jack that would also be SO easy. I do have a battery eliminator and it works but honestly, I don't need it yet. Same with the dc charger adapter - haven't used it. I even bought the little AA battery emergency pack for that day SKYWARN tells me will come.

Now then, anyone have experience using a PL 259 mobile antenna on a 239 bulkhead adapter to anchor the antenna to a trunk lip mount to use as a vehicle antenna? I'm not in need of a lot of gain but I'd like to have a working antenna outside the vehicle instead of the handheld ducky inside the rolling Faraday cage. I own a longer, beefier handheld whip (RADIO whip that is!) I want to try. (Yes, I have a magnetic mount with a 239, but I dearly hate magnetic mounts.)

But listen - this is a TERRIFIC little H/T and WELL worth the money! I am nearly totally in love with it. Can't wait 'til their mobile dual finally comes around. (A free LED flashlight included with the H/T? Are you kidding me?!!! What a deal! Maybe the mobile will have free LED foglights? What a buy that would make!!!)
AH! Out and about with the little "Oooo-shon" today it occured to me one other feature they and all other H/T makers just plain miss - huge error. Huge error and the first one who fixes it may blow away some of the fakers.

Why oh WHY, in this day and age, can they not use a card slot - probably a micro-SD like phones - to store our various frequency/channel programs? I have a repeater program for local, and for each route of travel and destination I use often enough, With the frequecy range opened up a bit on mine, I even have some frequencies I like to use in stormy weather or "civil dosorder". I keep the programs in Wouxon's own weird storage language on a USB drive and on my laptop. Now, how nice would it be to have those other programs on a card ready to switch? How sweet it would be to hear the little Chinese girl say in her best Amellican Inguish: "Menu Select", Memory Card Select", "Program Select"...

Total cost to Wouxon or whomever about $.40. Sales will double.


"If it ain't broke don't fix it, unless you're a HAM of course."

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