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WTB: Siltronix SSB-23 (Albatross/SSB-23A) Japanese 23 ch mobile


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Sep 26, 2017
Looking for a complete Siltronix SSB-23 for nostalgic reasons.

If it doesn't work but is complete that is fine.

Not being butchered is my goal.

Just got hosed on ebay and it was missing the parts you can't source..

Easily in the 150-200$ range for a complete and pretty one


i have a siltronix cherokee,, same as the albatross mine not for sale though i use sometimes on ssb it has a siltronix model 90 vfo connected,,,nice little radio has the original coffin mike to,,,
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Hey fellas I wanted to take a moment to let you know Retro is a stand up guy. He stuck with me through problem after problem. All of which were not the fault of either of us. But he put in the time because I had expressed that I really wanted the bloody rig and it was fortunate that I included my cell # in one of our messages.

So that's a good lesson if you're a serious buyer. I had run into a mountain of problems and nonsense and being able to pay the man wasn't one of them.

I'm logged back in finally and I received just what I was looking for and promptly. Many days ago..

I get to relive my Junior High radio days because of this fella. That's no small thing.

Thanks Retro. Appreciate you.


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