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I have to put this out there , Corny or not ? I'm Thankful to WWDX for meeting Ralph ( S&W ) since he joined we PM almost daily & sometimes via LL . He's helped me out a lot with a lot of thing I knew nothing about ( Radio Excluded , But still learning ) So anything I can do to help " My Brother from another Motha' " It's all good ! I know he feels the same way ! Thank You WWDX !(y):)

Thanks Leo for your kind comments! Leo seems like family for sure. Glad to have him as an Honorary Family Member in the Southern Tradition.

That's me (Ralph) in the chair.


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  • @ jrobi@3891:
    Do you still have the 1040 cb service master for sale
  • @ BJ radionut:
    LIVE 10:00 AM EST :cool:
  • @ Kansas:
    Hello World
  • @ little 161:
    Need some opinions on a good setup for my 95 jeep cherokee