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Yaesu FT-101E ?

Thank you @2RT307

After seeing the butchery that was done to about 15 rigs I have looked at, Just so they could be ran on 11 meters AM. I was pulling my hair out. and the The swing mods...

ALSO: a little know fact yes you can still buy the am filter crystal for this rig new!


These are great radios use care doing the mods outlined in the service manual, yes parts are getting harder to come by. But many of these rigs have ran almost 50 years without any repair work in the tender loving hands of their operators.

The 101 is probably one of my favorite radios I have ever ran across. Well other than the Kenwood TS-520 rig. The Yaesu sounds great and is pretty easy to work on. You will find many flavors of the rig also, some are even a mix of the earlier models. At present time I have 5 of them.
EX two of them (more on this in a sec....)

I am looking two more to restore. A plain 101 and a 101 B. That will complete my collection.
Now back to the two EX rigs. One has the 11 meter band and the other one does not. No not a homemade Frankenstein but actual factory built rigs. Rumor has it there is a E model with dual VFO's but I believe it was a fake.

I really enjoy working on these old radios. Have uploaded several videos on YouTube on them. Hoping when things here in the shop slow down I can get back on that series.
@Radio Tech

Don't you need a 101(early) and a 101(late)? And don't forget the twins. FL-101 and FR-101 to make a complete set?

It's great to hear there are others that still love the 101.


I would love to collect all those too yes. But then I also will need to get the ZD and a 401. I already have the DX-560. Great old radio. Picked that one up for 100 bucks a few months ago. No RX or TX. Found a bad connection in the VFO and she is running great.

I think the twins are harder to find though. Maybe one day. Got to finish up the old Johnson's first then start looking. Old Yaesu's have always had a place in my heart.
I've got an EE and an EX. The EX I've already restored sans some minor issues I've recently found and the EE is in the early stages of restoration. The EE has been thru hell. Apparently it's been dropped and someone tried making it look ok, but at least the driver and finals are good. Straightening metal isn't hard to do with a press. I need to get some touch up paint for the front panel on the EE. The EX still has the plastic on it. I don't know where you guys are finding these things cheap tho, I'd like to get a few more to restore.

Back to the EX, the relays were removed as were the 10 meter crystals, but the 11 meter crystal was there. The LSB het oscillator was off freq and wouldn't pull back on freq so to replace the missing 10 meter and fix the off freq LSB crystals I made electronic crystals with an Si5351 and an arduino nano. Works perfect!

One of the 6JS6s in the EX was gassed so rather than wasting money on overpriced sweep tubes I put 8032s in it. 8032s are the 12v commercial (pulse rated) version of the 6146B. Some minor changes here and there and I'm easily getting 120 watts out of it in tune. One of those aforementioned minor issues is only 20-40 watts SSB. I have that tracked down to the ALC circuits but haven't had the chance to open it up and see what's up. A Kenwood 530S has been taking up bench space the last few days.
Ho un vecchio Yaesu FT-101E che ho da un po' di tempo. Mi iscrivo al sito web di FoxTango e ho guardato dappertutto la storia di questi rig. La cosa che non riesco a capire è perché il mio modello "E" ha 11 metri. Non è modificato (o sembra esserlo) e 11 metri sono etichettati sul rig. Ecco una vecchia foto:

Quello che mi confonde è che pensavo che i vecchi 101 originali avessero 11 metri perché era ancora legale in Giappone, e hanno rilasciato i rig prima che la legge cambiasse. Qualche idea sul perché questo rig sia in questo modo essendo un modello successivo?

Dove posso mettere il frequenzimetro sul FT 101 E
The frequency meter on FT101 E where it is connected ...
See below, plugs into back.

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