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    Connex cx-36hpf bias

    Here ya go.
  2. Crossbow

    Connex cx-36hpf bias

    Yep they changed a few things around on this unit. If you noticed they ran another jumper back there from one gate to the other gate allowing one trimmer to control the voltage on both finals. These seem to be some good working radios. Take notes and pictures of that back panel. I have copied...
  3. Crossbow

    Connex cx-36hpf bias

    VR11 sets the driver voltage and VR10 sets the voltage for both the finals.
  4. Crossbow

    Cobra 29 LTD, TDA2003.need Capacitor Position

    If it was the one on the foil side of the board then C44 is the one.
  5. Crossbow

    Galaxy DX55f, squeal

    Sounds like you bought a cheap speaker. Is it a squeal or a squall ? If squall then there is a grounding issue. Squeal is feedback from a low ohm speaker or a bad speaker.
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    Heads Up on Security Breach

    If you are using Google then go to settings then Safety check
  7. Crossbow

    Heads Up on Security Breach

    Google just warned me that this site has had a security breach that may have exposed our passwords. Might want to check this on your end and change passwords to be on the safe side.
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    No voltage to Final Transistor,confused???HELP

    The 15 volts is what has had me scratching my head from the get go. Was wondering when someone would catch on to that.
  9. Crossbow

    Videos showing a complete alignment (TX/RX) ???

    Here is the best one yet! Full Detail on how to peek a radio!!
  10. Crossbow

    General Lee Radio Problems No Modulation On Low Power & Other Problems

    What power supply are you using? 14.3 volts is pretty high. Yes the side will get hot when you are TXing. That is normal. Here is a picture of where that Diode goes:
  11. Crossbow

    Galaxy 959 no Tx

    Figured it out. Check those crystals is all I can say!
  12. Crossbow

    Galaxy 959 no Tx

    Would have been nice to see the outcome of this as I have a 959 with the same problem. Both driver and final was blown. Installed new ones but still no TX power out.
  13. Crossbow

    With sadness I announce..................

    RIP Mr. Tallman. Prayers sent for your family.
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    Connex 3300 Frequency Problem

    Wanted to share some info with everyone in case someone comes across this problem with an older style Connex or Galaxy. When you turn the radio on "Cold" and key the mic the frequency is off by 10 KHz and once the radio warms up it will go back on normal frequency. Check X2 Crystal 14.010...
  15. Crossbow

    Galaxy 88 with a pill installed

    They guy will sell it for $200.00 if anyone is looking.