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Recent content by cycleguru

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    Brand-new Tech with a Yaesu FT-800 plus an OLD 2m handheld, and questions for y'all!

    Pick up a copy of "Ham Radio For Dummies" by H. Ward Silver. Don't be fooled by the title. There's a wealth of knowledge in there and it's all explained in easy-to-understand language. Also, join a good club. Good luck! 73 Mark K7OWG
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    Hello all! Noob here with questions!

    I heartily agree with those above in recommending Gordon West's license study books. I used them to study for and pass all three elements. They're designed to help you PASS the test. Later you can pick up books that go into more detail about why things are the way they are. Gordo's books teach...
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    FA-18 contact on 2m/simplex

    I know it wasn't nearly as cool as a contact with a military fighter jet, but on two separate occasions I've contacted commercial airline pilots while they were in flight, both on 17M. One was on a flight from Chicago to L.A. The other was flying from Detroit to Beijing. I thought both contacts...
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    getting ready to put in a tower... have a few questions

    Yes, the tower's manufacturer should have recommendations and probably even diagrams showing just how to construct the base. I put up a MA-40, 20/40 foot tubular telescoping tower (non-guyed). Dug the hole approx. 3x3x3 feet. Didn't get down the full 3' because I hit rock. I built an internal...
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    AARS Owner has Heart attack

    Prayer sent. :thumbup: Mark K7OWG
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    New radio for a new user

    +1 what KD4UPL said. VHF/UHF is such a small slice of the ham radio pie. I started out with a dual band HT and ran with it until the day I visited a friend's shack and participated in some around-the-world HF! I was hooked and have never looked back. IMHO, HF and DX'ing are where it's at. But...
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    TVZ still won't play nice

    Yeah. I used to hear that guy calling CQ 10-10 all the time. Since I wasn't a 10-10 member I never bothered to answer him. Didn't realize til I read this thread that he is such a jerk. I just went to his QRZ page where he displays all his awards and "good operator" certificates. What a joke...
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    Ham Radio cheese commercial!

    Yeah. I saw it earlier this fall on Thursday night football. I thought it was very cool. And, yeah, we are a little cheesy! :wink:
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    Computer Frustration

    Yes, I did download the drivers. I'll try a different USB port and see what happens. Thanks Mark
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    Computer Frustration

    Rigblaster Nomic. The weird thing is that after a normal PSK31 session I shut everything down as usual, then a couple of days later I fired everything up for another session and that's when it wouldn't transmit. I had not touched anything. Gremlins I guess. BTW, I've checked every connection 20...
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    Computer Frustration

    Q. That all went well until I got to the "device manager" page. I don't have a "ports" choice listed. ! ?
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    Technician's first radio

    When I first got my tech ticket I bought an ICOM T70A dual band HT for $239 and had a ball ragchewing on local repeaters. When I got my general I started out with a borrowed Kenwood TS-130 and power supply, a G5RV, and a cheap antenna tuner (which I still use every day) and talked all over the...
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    Computer Frustration

    Thanks, I'll check that. Mark
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    Computer Frustration

    No. I click on the TX button and nothing happens. Also, when I click on any of my macros they print on my screen but don't transmit.
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    Computer Frustration

    Yeasu FT-450D