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    Oscilloscope testing help.

    I think you did, but then dropped this caveat at the end. However, I'm just going to stop right here and walk away.
  2. GnG8d

    Oscilloscope testing help.

    What the hell does that have to do with a guy buying an oscilloscope and posting about it in the CB section of a radio forum? Oh yeah, those 22 years you walked up hill to and from work in the snow and blinding wind to work on your broacast transmitter. I'm realizing that you didn't learn...
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    Antenna Theory. Questions involving dual antennas!

    An Imax2000 out back and a dipole in the attic on 11m? Are you serious?
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    Antenna Theory. Questions involving dual antennas!

    I wouldn't completely agree with that. A semi with a 53' box trailer certainly comes to mind here.
  5. GnG8d

    Antenna Theory. Questions involving dual antennas!

    Maybe, but you should read it probably, lol. In one sentence you said you understood radio waves, and then in another sentence you wanted to hook a vertical and a horizontal antenna together.
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    Oscilloscope testing help.

    I've never seen a manual calling for p-p or even peak voltages. Using a scope over a meter just means you'd have to calculate the rms voltage.
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    Oscilloscope testing help.

    Why do people do that? Forums are for the open sharing of information and ideas for the benefit of people browsing and trying to learn. That's hard to do in private messages. Think of a forum where all questions asked could only be answered in PM, it wouldn't be much of a forum would it?
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    Oscilloscope testing help.

    I would offer that a resonant circuit should be peaked to perform as designed. If components aren't changed/added/removed or modified and the bias voltage/voltages are set properly, the rest of the circuit should be "peaked" to maximum for proper operation. So using a scope to peak some test...
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    Oscilloscope testing help.

    He has some really interesting videos, I've subscribed to his channel for sometime now.
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    A Little Of Europe Today..11 Meters

    I'd say you have from October til about March. This has been a very weak cycle overall, but you have one more winter to get your dx on.
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    Magnum S45HP 70w carrier on SSB

    Power mic? With the mic gain off? It's possible to run gain on a power mic hot enough to do that in a dead quiet room.
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    Which Band?

    Which HF band is your favorite to operate on? I know certain conditions favor different bands, but if only had one to choose from, which band would it be? And most importantly, why?
  13. GnG8d

    Hum/buzz Noise In My Radio

    I would not DC ground the board and chassis, they are AC coupled. If Q66 is a final transustor, no I can't see that being the source of the hum.
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    Looking For Some Feedback On Two Amps

    Truth of the matter is, he's most likely gone his whole life thinking he is right and everyone else is wrong, so nothing said here is likely to reverse that.
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    Breedlove Mount And Wilson 5000?

    Is the base the same on the magnet vs hard Wilson mounts? In other words, is it the same base with a magnet screwed on? From what I remember of the hard mount, that Breedlove mount might be too thick, there arent't too many threads for the mounting nut on thin sheet metal. Anyway, my opinion...