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    I bet Charger is glad he isn't there anymore. I still think about him now and then......
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    Ameritron ATR-30 3KW / Legal Limit Antenna Tuner Review and Pics

    I've had mine for a few years now. When I first got it I too noticed it getting a bit warm on 160M. I also noticed the roller wasn't as smooth as I thought it should be. Inspecting the inside, I found the rear of the roller loose and the contact strip was a bit loose. I don't remember what I...
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    I've broadcast it all over the world. Don't see why I can't post it here....... KD5VHF
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    Howdy from a "blast from the past"

    I finally quit driving for a living. I'm on 17M most mornings then bounce around through the day then 75M in the evenings around 3870 or 3873. de KD5VHF
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    Texas Star Amp Repair free help

    Call Texas Star at (760) 480-8800
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    Howdy from a "blast from the past"

    I had almost forgot about that junk radio, 257 I think. Anyway It had been back to panther for warranty work then as I was talking to a truck behind me the thing got crappy again. I was already in a bad mood and the radio went out the window driving down the Hiway. I'll never forget the look...
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    I remember the .475 days, CDX948 Central Texas....... Lots of fun back then! I don't even have a rig that will TX there anymore. I guess things change...............
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    Howdy from a "blast from the past"

    I can't believe I still remembered my password! It's been a few years since I visited here. I see some familiar names still here. Good to see this place is still kickin! Anyway Just waving a hand. I don't have internet access at home but I'll try and stop in when I can. Maybe we can get...
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    Charger 383 Dean

    I've been wondering about Dean for a few months now. Well I don't have to wonder anymore since I know he beat us to the place we all hope to be some day. I think he did a lot for the hobby as far as bringing us together via the "Castle" and this forum, starting the CDX club AKA Chargers DX...
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    Remember, Tonight is the night!

    12:01EST tech's get phone privlidges 28.300-28.500. See ya on HF soon! :D
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    kenwood mt271a or yeasu 2800m

    I had a FT-2800. It's a SWEET 2M rig! I only sold mine because I wanted a dual band/dual rx. The FT-8800 is a GREAT dualbander if you ever decide you want more than just 2M.
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    Icom 718- ALC modification for AM possible?

    That's where Ham radio can be called CB....Constantly Buying ! :lol:
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    RCI-5054DX-100 back in production

    Just FYI......Looks like the 100w 5054 is comming back http://rangerusa.com/rci-5054dx.html
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    Icom 718- ALC modification for AM possible?

    I just ran with the clipping and swing things you posted. :roll: Now that you have explained what you are really looking for, you've already got good advice from the other guys. I still say if it's SWING you want then the bungee cord trick will give you probably more than you were looking...
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    Icom 718- ALC modification for AM possible?

    The 718 ain't no CB!! Just what were you thinking of "clipping/removing"??? Don't forget to add a power mic and echo. If you hang the 718 from a celing fan at home or if mobile from the roof with 18" bungee cords and shake the steering wheel back and forth you can get lots of SWIIIIING :lol: