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    The arrogance of some...

    Twitter, Facebook, nothin but drama queens ....some of the Queens also hang out on Da ZED, and e-ham and misfit island, ect. Most of the licensed people that hang out here tend to avoid the drama
  2. hookedon6

    California's 'kill Switch' Bill Is One Step Away From Becoming Law

    think they should have embedded software that SHUTS THEM OFF anytime they exceed 10 MPH. wouldn't be hard to do with a simple GPS program
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    just run an end fed wire up the backstay;)
  4. hookedon6

    SWR fluctuates

    funky meter? R.F. affecting the meter? intermittent coax connection?
  5. hookedon6

    Balcony B-100 & Bleeding LOL

    methinks thou bs 's too much,:ohmy: in another post you said "No mods. Stock cobra 2000 ..." since when is channel 39, 26.915 Mhz?
  6. hookedon6

    Pirate SSTV???

    I'm confused,......... just because there is a pic of a pirate sent does not mean it is a "pirate" station.... there is a licensed amateur on 7.173 that often sends "pirate" pics,..... aarrrrgh. that being said,......... 6925USB Lots of SWBC pirates use that frequency
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    this is SOLID core,... it will not take repeated flexing. I noticed that the web site doesn't even have an attenuation chart,.... they make a big thing about meeting/exceeding the MIL SPEC, and then show a picture of a soldered UHF connector............ current MIL SPECS do not use solder...
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    the group on 20 meters is kinda "closed-minded":whistle:,.............. come on down to 40 meters. we still actually send the picture (most of the time). I am also doing some EASYPAL on 28.685 or so.
  9. hookedon6


    I also told that to the .233 group about the HYBRID mode.:D when I said if I wanted to send pictures over the internet, I would just send them as an attachment to an E-mail,....... you would have thought that I just shot their dog:headbang
  10. hookedon6

    I need to stop looking for things.

    I just went thru my climate controlled storage area and I found a spool with over 600 feet of AMPHENOL TWB 400 (times microwave bought the company and now calls it LMR 400).
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    "most" 40 meter analog is on 7.171, however, I can only remember a very few times I actually heard anyone on 40 meter analog. there is some european digital on this freq also. 7.173 is U.S. digital
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    Texas Radio Amateur Gives Up License As Part of Enforcement Action Settlement

    gotta love the "donation"<More audio>
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    Please help me, I'm looking for a digital radio...

    why don't you buy/build an interface, and record directly to the 'puter? that way the radio/puter will xmit the audio files too:pop: jus sayin.... any interface that will recieve/xmit sstv, psk, ect. will work
  14. hookedon6

    study confirms QRMers are bad people

    follow the link to the site,....... Bruno Harlingturn,... National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL),... NEWINGSTEAD, Vt. the entire thing is "tongue in cheek":D Heck, they even have the story about Obama passing the General element and not being happy with the assigned call Study...
  15. hookedon6

    study confirms QRMers are bad people

    Study Confirms QRMers Are Bad People | Ham Hijinks NEWINGSTEAD, Vt. — Results of a worldwide study have confirmed what many ham radio operators have suspected all along: people who purposefully interfere with other transmissions are psychopaths. The study, conducted over the course of one...