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    DX'er - the application you may need :)

    Friendly bunch here Always.
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    Are you a ARRL Member?

    I have been a member for 42 yrs Life-I have e-mailed them a few times and they reply within a day or so-Is thier any other that represent us Amateur Radio Ops Better ? I think NOT.
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    D-104 Silver Eagle

    $30.00 plus shipping -7-10$ not sure... Paul -K8PG
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    Pitcairn Island DXpedition NOW

    Pitcairn Hello all, Worked VP6TC-Tom many yrs ago on 10,15,20 cw/ssb-do not think he is very active anymore-that was back in 1971- Have worked VP6T a few times for band slots needed-some very good operators-Big pile-ups on them-Put some...
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    QSL extortion ...

    QSL Extortion A $1 USA stamp gets my QSLs anywhere in the World-I liker the QRSS system works well. I do think some of the DX stations Make some $$$ for their QSLs. Never Put your Call on the Envelope. Paul-K8PG- CW IS AMATEUR RADIO.
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    Pretty cool old ham radio video

    Cool old Video Very nice old video. Not all Amateur Radio Oprs,(Hams) look at Citizen Band Radio Oprs. as Scum or low lifes,If you like radio,antennas ,Dxing-HF/VHF or what-ever floats your boat - All types of people are hams -Do Not Let some -ole Blowhard or whatever...
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    Yaesu FT-101EE

    FT101EE Very nice Rig,I have had one going on 34 yrs -no problems-I did the tube mod-a few yrs ago-using 6146s-works great-I use it for AM and QRPp OSQs-I also have the 30 meter mod done -this rig is built like a Brick SXXX House !6JS6C tubes are pricey if you can get new ones,I also have...
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    Great conditions on 10 meter

    10 mtrs IS BOOMING Yes But so nice to have my Alpha 9500/AL82-for the Rare Dx QSO, usually can work most stations with 90 watts-yesterday had my QRP on the air and worked Asiatic Russia,Guinea,Bulgaria,Slovenia,Argentina Brazil,Crete,and Malta with my FT817-Grat Dxconditions-like the early...
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    D-104 Silver Eagle amplified-TUG9

    D104 Yes I knew all that-the other wires were throwing me, un soldired them out-hooked up and works ok-installing the W2ENY fix now. Paul
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    12 meters

    Yes 12 has come alive abit-worked A45XR-PZ5RA on cw-better to come- I am hope- Paul-K8PG
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    D-104 Silver Eagle amplified-TUG9

    d104- Been there. Done that 9- wires black-RX orange-? white-Audio red-TX green-? blue-common yellow-for Johnson gray-? shield -connect to blue 8 pin connector
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    D-104 Silver Eagle amplified-TUG9

    Good Day All, Anyone know the wiring pin-out to connect this microphone to a FT2000-Tnx 73/Dx/GL Paul-K8PG
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    Building antennas

    The first thing you ned to do is get the ARRLs Antenna Book-study basic antenna theory, then get The Basic Antennas Book-Their are many different antennas you can build with wire ,you can have a lot of fun and learn a lot about antenna properties-Some wire antennas can out-perform many...
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    I finally ordered the new tower today.

    Finally new tower. Good luck with your tower installation-use care and be safe. My 72 ft USTower-I have a 6x6x8 filled with 3600lbs -Sq In. concrete-special mix-that was $1200.00 a few yrs ago in UP of Mi. we dug the hole ourself-what a job since our ground is 75% rocky loam and bolders...
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    Add on to the DXCC list

    add dxcc list it was great worked ST0R on Field Hell 27.505 was 599+200