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    27.285 pal talk chat room

    here is a small group on 6 that does the same thing, i know a couple folks out of the group and there ok, however it does seem that every single morning, this one is mad @ that one who has a bigger amp and drama drama drama. I’m just above Charleston,SC so i can’t hear the group you’re talking...
  2. MonsterAudio

    27.285 pal talk chat room

    ok? that I guess that wasn't directed toward you. you said "You might tell which section you placed that room in. " so I did, and for those who haven't "had pal talk since it's inception" I let them know how they can search for it.
  3. MonsterAudio

    27.285 pal talk chat room

    it is under African American, that seems to be where most of the cb room are. however if you do not wish to go that route, on your paltalk messenger box, at the bottom, there is a search bar, and right beside it says "people", if you click on that and change it to "rooms" just type in 27285 and...
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    27.285 pal talk chat room

    Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that I set up a Pal-Talk chatroom for 27.285. the room name is 27285 charleston,SC, i roll my cam live as well as others when there in there. I set this up so that all the folks who talk on 27.285 can drop in and view cams live from other locations...
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    Trouble shooting a Robyn SB-520D (NOMAD)

    I have a SB-520 here I'm trying to find the alignment info for, but cant find anything. Where can i find the alignment info for this radio?
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    Dak 9 mods and upgrades?

    does anybody have a shot of the tube board, bottom side of a DAK9? (where the 2 HV caps that mount to the board are) i replaced the HV caps on the radio and now when i flip it to TX i have a bad buzz and one of the cans heat up pretty fast, but i thought i hooked everything up as it was...
  7. MonsterAudio

    kenwood ts-440s 11mtr mods?

    I have a 440s and everybody tells me that the am sounds like crap! what do i need to check or do to make that change? I clipped the diode for am tx, but I'm not sure where to set anything else. i have to keep the mic gain about 2/3, anything above that they cant understand me, anything below...
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    Galaxy 22b

    well i have replaced everything i can see, ic's and everything, still no AM rx, does anybody know a Galaxy tech that can help on this?
  9. MonsterAudio

    Galaxy 22b

    well i did find 1 solder bridge, it was on ic20, i replaced the chip, as well as the 4.7uf cap (c109) and still nothing, i also replaced ic3, im @ a loss, still no am rx, can anybody help?
  10. MonsterAudio

    Galaxy 22b

    o no doubt, once i plugged it up and no am rx i knew i shit something up. However, after replacing all those parts, i figured that seeing as how its a pretty centralized (am Rx only) problem, somebody would know where to "start looking" for the am Rx, because other than that I'm looking for a...
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    Galaxy 22b

    hello all, I have a 22b here that i was having an audio issue with, after transmitting for a short time, the audio would get really trashy, like off freq trashy. so, i went over the whole board and touched up every solder joint on the board. i did fine 3 cracked solder joints that was the...
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    B&k Compressor Amplifier

    Hello All, I have an old b&k (cobra) transistorized compressor amplifier model ca-300, it came with the astatic (lolly pop) style microphone. Now it has a 5 pin plug and i am trying to get it to work on my cobra 2000 gtl. It will transmit and i can receive on the meter but no sound thru speaker...
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    Looking for Part. HELP IF YOU CAN

    Hello all, I am looking for a computer for the old 2970. Board # DPT2950417 If you have one please let me know..
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    What Is Your Handle # & Location

    123 (Bootlegger) from Charleston,SC
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    5 and 8 element beam plans.

    does anybody know where to get plans for a 5 and 8 element beam? outside of Maco and the other main builders, im looking for some tested plans for those 2 sizes to experiment with. Im really looking for a long boom design for each, any ideas?