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  • Hello nomad, Loose cannon told me you would be a great help with my skipper. I see now its a very common question, and wow you look busy, I feel I should bless you for what your doing on the site. I have the schematic for this but would love a wiring diagram. I was thinking of wiring and capping. Cant find P/N for relays. TY.MM
    I have three skipper 300 and one 300a amp you were the only one that tried to help. I thought I could do the fixing the broken amp thing, um no if i shipped all four amps to you would you fix one and you could have the other three ? I have a lot of the parts two are 6lf6 amps and two are 8950 Amp. I only tried to fix one it's getting worse not better I can pay for postage. I just want one working sweep amp.
    Man I can't say Hi to my mamma in 420 words. Maybe I can run up one day and maybe old Roger can ride. Hey turn it toward danville sometime in the evenings 26.9750 old Roger would be glad to hear you on the band! You probably remember him coming in with Ghosty boy. Don't know where Ghosty is but I still talk to Ol'44Mag. 73's
    I've got a Uniden Grant XL, want to switch to 4 pin mic. Would it be possible to buy the custom board you make for this or if not, could I get a schematic? thanx
    Could you send me a schematic of the circuit you recommended into the midland 77-882 for the variable dead key?
    I like to get 2 v-power mod kits one for the mark 4 and one for the tram 201 late my know how much and I will send you a money order thanks
    Good day nomad. The 300a And Power Supply I use to run it came from palomar together when purchased. I've run across very nice 300a RF deck without a power supply. It is the same exact deck as mine. What do I need to look for inside the deck I received without the power supply to figure out if my power supply will run that particular deck? 73
    Nomad. Please let me know if you'd be interested in getting this phantom working as close to 100% as possible. I can box it up and have it out to you within a few days. Please let me know. thanks
    Nomad. I've a few questions. Do you live in the US? If I don't get this phantom working correctly would you be interested in working at getting it going property? I only seperated the top of the coil rings and may have caused the bottom part of the ring turns to move closer. If I don't get the results I'm hoping to let me know if you're interested in taking on the job. number and we'll talk Thanks.
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