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Recent content by nomadradio

  1. nomadradio

    Galaxy dx-94hp no transmit

    Um, not to put too fine a point on it, but any time something stops working after it was 'worked on' points you directly to the area where the work was done. It's too easy to make an unintended change to a circuit while changing out a component. The radio circuit board has one final amplifier...
  2. nomadradio

    Robyn T-240D plate mod ? for Justin

    Screeeech! (Needle ripping across an LP) This radio uses a "Heising" modulator. The primary winding of the speaker transformer serves as an audio-frequency choke. The positive and negative excursions of the 6BQ5 anode are what power the final tube, connected directly to the 'cold' end of the...
  3. nomadradio

    i took the dive and got it

    Um, the top cover is secured by the three quarter-inch hex-head bolts on each side, one below each rivet. The rivets serve to secure a metal strip to the top cover. This strip extends below the lower edge of the top cover and serves to anchor the three hex-head sheet-metal screws that hold the...
  4. nomadradio

    Yagi beam reflector.

    By itself, the yagi reflector adds more gain and front-to-back than successive directors will each add. Have no experience with "director only" yagis. Odds are the beam's pattern is a bit wockerjawed. Don't know just how you'd predict it. 73
  5. nomadradio

    Glenn 1600 linear has a cousin. Galaxie 2000.

    I hesitate to ask, but how many crotch-rocket motorcycles? Good to see you're still around. With any luck, we'll both be around a bit longer. 73
  6. nomadradio

    Texas Star dx500v capacitor C45...91pF

    Voltages in that circuit won't exceed that, or even get close. It's the current rating that makes or breaks a capacitor in that particular spot. And that's what the metal mica cap is for, high current. 73
  7. nomadradio

    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    A chattering relay is a power supply problem, not a relay problem most of the time. Or it could be an overload problem, if the final or modulator tube were pulling excess current, pulling down the power supply voltage. Sounds more to me as if the transmitter still has original filter...
  8. nomadradio

    New restoration project: President JFK

    Try this: https://web.archive.org/web/20180830073752/http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/president/jfk/index.htm 73
  9. nomadradio

    Texas Star dx500v capacitor C45...91pF

    Pretty sure it's 500 Volts. The current rating is more important to the part used on the amplifier's output like C45. The metal mica has more metal in it, and a higher current rating than most ceramic disc or silver-mica caps with the same capacitance rating. It's just not marked anywhere on...
  10. nomadradio

    Adding an rfx75 to Cobra 29 XLR

    An external amplifier? 73
  11. nomadradio

    President Mckinley 1011001 no tx/rx.

    Um, cross fingers and hope that's the only fault in the radio. 73
  12. nomadradio

    Everyone have a Great 4th of July

    Decades ago my company built firing panels for some fireworks-show companies. One guy had a design we built from his specs that had a hidden fault designed in to it. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out misfires. Somehow a fireworks show just hasn't been the same since those days. 73
  13. nomadradio

    Adding an rfx75 to Cobra 29 XLR

    It can probably be done. But first someone would need to "translate" the procedure for later "29" radio models, and write directions with the exact part locations where connections get changed for the circuit board layout in the XLR model. I'm not volunteering. Those were made for only one...
  14. nomadradio

    is this a good amp

    Hmm. A late 1970s linear. Kinda like asking if a 1977 car is "a good one". Mighta been four-plus decades ago. But this many years down the line what matters more is the mileage, and how hard those miles were. If it has been treated well, and all the suicidal-age electrolytic caps are...
  15. nomadradio

    Will a charged battery suffice without the engine running?

    And there's no trimmer pot inside? 73