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    My Little Shack New Shelf

    Excellent job! ;)
  2. Radiohobbyist

    38 LSB agitator "Blue Waffle" fined $18,000 by the FCC

    I've seen quite a few like this over the years. Very few straightened up; the rest had to be showed just how "touchable" they were. A couple ended up dead.
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    Base Apartment Life: Dipole or Vertical

    Idea for a dipole feedpoint: Drill holes in a bottlecap, thread in dipole legs and feedline, solder, and backfill with hot-melt glue. ;)
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    38 LSB agitator "Blue Waffle" fined $18,000 by the FCC

    Yep. Change of address as of 12/02/2018 per FCC. Not quite. Uncle Charlie just lowered the boom on him, albeit after almost two years: http://www.arrl.org/news/fcc-levies-18-000-fine-on-louisiana-amateur-radio-licensee What gets me is why. It's so easy to run radio without being a complete...