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  1. Slam Dunk

    Got my Mauldulator today, WOW

    Time To Call Bull Shizzzz? I-I-I-I think that there is a conflict between these two statements made by the same person, I might be wrong in my interpretation............ .
  2. Slam Dunk

    Looking for someone to work on my 2x4-1000 amps

    Thank goodness, For a moment I thought he was talking about the queen of transistor CB amplifiers. .
  3. Slam Dunk

    Looking for someone to work on my 2x4-1000 amps

    Let's just say that, "I been there". Too many 450 volt electrolytics strung together trying to reach 5000 volts, that accounted for the snaps and for-what-ever-reason it would occasionally arc during tuning. Sounded like a .45 ACP at close range. Now-a-days, the owner would have to take...
  4. Slam Dunk

    lafayette HA-270

    Hey Kid, You have a 200 watt pep 2 tube amplifier that has a transistor switching power supply to make the 700-900 volts that the tubes need to operate. The sound that you hear is the transistors oscillating and it is normal. It was made for four watts drive input. Expect to see about 100+...
  5. Slam Dunk

    Looking for someone to work on my 2x4-1000 amps

    When I first replied to this thread, I did not realize that it was almost a year old. The thing about 4-1000 amplifiers is that they are BIG, the tube needs 4000+ volts on the plate and the filament requirements are great. I worked on a couple a few years back and the thing that strikes me...
  6. Slam Dunk

    Looking for someone to work on my 2x4-1000 amps

    Amp Lady?........Amp Lady?.......Amp Lady?.........Foxy? .
  7. Slam Dunk

    ROFL @ CW

  8. Slam Dunk

    cavity tube amplifier

    A "Rocket Scientist" looking for "Star Wars" help on a CB/Ham message board. :huh: Best I can offer is, "Good Luck"! .
  9. Slam Dunk

    Back To The Future, Toward The Past: EAGLE 515

    How's the amp running now? Four volts low is better than 12 volts too high. I think the drivers may have been toasted by the excess volts. .
  10. Slam Dunk

    1.0 mh Choke

    Speaking specifically about the plate choke if, you are building a single band amp especially for thr higher frequencies then resonance is not an issue, the more turns the better. Same deal on the bi-filar / tri-filar input chokes on directly heated Cathode tubes. My way for GS-35b input...
  11. Slam Dunk

    Looking for small cb amp

    Maybe you might be right but, you might also be wrong. Did you yourself perform the modifications on your radio or did some "Tek" down at the local Pilot Truckstop do it for you? I only ask because I know what's been done by me to the inside of my radio and, my radio SPEAKS for itself. I am...
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    Looking for small cb amp

    Time out! . ..
  13. Slam Dunk

    Galaxy 1000 final tubes ID

    Those tubes were made with a rare earth Phosper called "unobtainable-um", it was all mined out in the 70's so, the only place they MIGHT be is in the corner of some warehouse in some third-world country somewhere. .
  14. Slam Dunk

    1.0 mh Choke

    I like the way yours looks, well thought out and everything is neatly mounted. What solution did you come up with for the tube sockets, did you make your own or did you buy "production" models? What about your filaments and bias circuit; when I first started, I paralleled both tubes on the...
  15. Slam Dunk

    Dentron GLA-1000b Restore

    :headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang:headbang That's gonna be you if you mess with "Restoring" that amp, from the pictures it seems to have been "modified with extreme prejudice"; there is not...