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  1. TIN_CAN

    LMR 400 vs standard RG8X

    That why I bought it as is was only $100 Canadian ...Hence the mighty cheap.
  2. TIN_CAN

    LMR 400 vs standard RG8X

    Thats why it so cheap...if it fails to be useful then I am only out 100 Canadian bones, then I will have to spend a little more and order from jeffaTech.
  3. TIN_CAN

    LMR 400 vs standard RG8X

    If you want cheap LMR-400 go to amazon and get some KMR-400 picked up 100 feet for $89 Canadian. See how it holds up.
  4. TIN_CAN

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Just made a contact with 226 sounding choice on that galaxy.
  5. TIN_CAN

    AL 45-70 Station

    Nice little setup you have there, how do you like the swr power meter sitting on the N4. I just ordered one from Athens, should be here next week, are they pretty accurate? cheers!
  6. TIN_CAN

    ads going crazy,,,

    Adblock Plus (free version) will take car of all you pop up woes.
  7. TIN_CAN

    Anyone in the firewood business?

    Love wood heat burn up to 4 bush cord a season.
  8. TIN_CAN

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Dead as a door nail here in Ontario... fired up the foot warm and called out nada.
  9. TIN_CAN

    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    Yup he is a real Gem....always busy at the bench though.?lol
  10. TIN_CAN

    11 meter is very quiet?

    He was booming in to Ontario around 4:30 this afternoon on ch19.
  11. TIN_CAN

    How many radios do you run?

    Crt-ss9900, and a Yaesu ft950 at the moment.
  12. TIN_CAN

    Water Storage Ideas

    I plan to use till we winterize in November sometime, then pull out existing tank wich is nasty and install the new tank, which I am just going to spray all black cage and all, and start fresh when I get up there again in the spring. Hope to solve as when is closed and we come up to stay its a...
  13. TIN_CAN

    Sirio Vector 4000

    I have not used one of these yet but have a had a new one sitting in my storage room for some time, will use it someday. This is a quote from K2XLG on Eham.net to modify the vector for better strength. "Like a few others here,I used this during my 11 meter days. It would put a signal where...
  14. TIN_CAN

    Water Storage Ideas

    I use rain water direct in a 1000L food grade tote in cage right now for toilet wash dishes and shower, tank gets good sunlight and I see some green algae scattered about so I add javex to tank when I first arivve at property and seem to work ok but going to improve on filtration and covering...
  15. TIN_CAN

    Off Grid Tiny Home

    Well I have finally built and installed a outhouse with a simple 5Gallon bucket sawdust toilet, works like a charm with use of my ash from wood stove at home,the toilet inside cabin just goes through a grey water tank, so no #2. Hope to be heading up soon with a new walk behind DR 26" cut...