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    RCI-2995DXCF keying issues

    3 months old. Clicking noise and Drops key when transmitting at times. Also at times will not key up at all at first attempt. Red trx light does come on display though. Tried different mic. Tried unhooking everything and hooked antenna directly to radio same issues. Never happens with other...

    Old RCI 2950 on the bench tonight !! Need help as always lol

    Ok so I have a really old , I believe 1st gen Ranger 2950 . A buddy did a display LED "mod" for lack of a better word ;( All display and faceplate(button) lighting was dead ) but display still was working .) as you can see in the pics he tapped into a plug on the board to find ABOUT 12 volts and...

    Four-Two-Zero New Jersey in the SHACK

    Hey DX land I put most of my bench up for swap/sale/trade because a local "technician and shop" did me dirty with my 8 pill base amp . Im not looking for pity or to bash this guy he WILL get whats coming to him ;) Just showing off some gear I have on the bench to see if anyone needs or wants...
  4. CbRadiosPRONTO

    New Ranger 39VHP—Low RX audio - almost none

    A new radio came in with low RX audio. Volume cranked, ear to speaker, then I can hear it. Rf gain level is up and signal meter responds as it should so the rf is there. The audio is just almost nonexistent. Note: TX and Talkback audio is fine.