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11 meter is very quiet?

Georgia n sand pile is blasting in my speaker in southwest mo rite now
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Talked to @Unit 75 Train Man earlier today on ch 20. Always good to hear you in there Train Man, you were doing a lot of work for sure. I was out in the garage doing some clean up and organizing. I heard you in there and had to give you a shout. I wasn't sure if I could make the trip on my Cobra 29 with a @nomadradio variable carrier control with an RM203 doing about 120w peak into the Starduster at about 23 feet. I checked the dead key on the radio and it was 1/2 watt giving a 5 watt dead key out of the amp and then swinging to 120 watts peak. I had adjusted it for big sounding local talk and forgot to turn it up for DX. I guess when the conditions are right, you can get out with anything you got. Haha

ps. Did you get that antenna up? Or are you still 10 feet off the ground?


917...I’ll be calling for you. I go on .385 LSB to see what’s going on.

Talk there if not too much of a train wreck. Then QSY to another frequency usually between .365-.405.

Sometimes above .405.

You got it!! Those are the frequencies that have the action. I will be listening or calling out! Hopefully the difference in time zones allows us to be on at the same time.
ps. Did you get that antenna up? Or are you still 10 feet off the ground?

The 45 foot long 6 element is now 15 feet off the ground lol. It's a very heavy antenna to get up with no help. Another 5 more feet and I can put it on top of the tower. I was actually talking to you off the 5 element beam yesterday. I too, was talking on a Cobra 29LX. No amplifier, just barefoot with a D-104. The 5 is 25 feet up on another tower. You sounded awesome as usual Chris. Great audio and you had enough power to get over the top of that train wreck lol. Cheers!
To my surprise the band was open, and instead of listening to contesters all weekend on HF, and not being able to do any DX'ing, I was able to make contact with a friend of mine on ch 20 AM that I hadn't talked to in a long time. CB Saves the day. I am an extra class, but I don't forget how I got my start in radio. 73
That's some good stuff right there! I will be listening for you on ch20, that's my home channel.

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    If the antenna leads of an inverted V dipole are at 45 degrees instead of at 180 degrees, what happens to the signal?
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    @AF7LL At 45 degrees it will be omnidirectional. At 180, horizontal, it will be directional.
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