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11 meter is very quiet?


tell the devil im gettin there as fast as i can,r
Jun 30, 2018
The newest addition to my 3 cat colony. Trapped her today and shes not real happy. Shes hanging out with me out in the shack in the kitty kondominium till she gets fixed and heals. Seems like every time i hit 4 cats i lose one. Ill miss my Mr Meow...
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we got too many,got a grey tabby kitten n 1 that looks just like sylvester


Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
I am on 28 now and all I hear is "Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger"

Made it back across (whatever name) Pass on IH10 ( californio clowns and their freewheeling windmills producing zilch: dozens of whirlies but the equivalent of an extension cord to send it out) after delivery in Temecula then a 107-mile drive to find parking all the way back in Indio . .

. . and I was ready after ten minutes of hearing that CB, CB crap after hitting the Pass to borrow a .338-378 Weatherby to see if I could lob one into that part of Florida. On target.

But it was/is nice to have Sideband a’workin’.

Back into LA tomorrow to load for Cleveland.

(Yeah, it was a long day).

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Jun 29, 2012
Connecticut mobile
I hope the conditions are good tomorrow so I can play with my old Texas Ranger 696 mobile on the air. I just discovered its the same main board as the DX959 :unsure: Knowing that I was able to find the alignment procedure and get it straitened out. It was totally out of wack before. I unlocked the clarifier and got the thing hearing and talking great now. The thing is loud as heck on AM and SSB. :cool:

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    My first thought was the i.r.s. may be interested in a long term money making scam without proper taxes being paid..probably more than electronics involved.
  • @ Toll_Free:
    My first thought was why hasn't someone paid him a visit. I mean, his address is posted above.
  • @ beakster1715:
    Good news! I opened an appeal case after eBay sided with superhawkwss6. I also opened an IC3 case & sent that information to eBay. Within an hour they responded, reversed their decision and returned all of my money. Unfortunately, superhawkwss6 stole my CB radio and eBay will likely not suspend or close his account, but rather allow him to continue his criminal activity. I think I'll still file a report with our sheriff's dept (the sheriff is a friend of mine) though I know this type of crime isn't worth their time. This guy needs to be stopped and I'm certainly going to do my best to make that happen.
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    Good Evening!