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3Y0J Bouvet Island

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They are going there on a sailboat, that's awesome! Would be nice to share in their adventure by making contact with them. I have to get back to studying, I am going to make the time to do it.
The Amateur Radio tests are so easy even I passed them as well as the 5 wpm CW.If I can pass them anyone can.

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It was 13 wpm back when I took the test. I studied for a few weeks , listened to cassette tapes to and from work and passed the test.
Since then I have logged maybe 5 hours of cw, I just did it to pass the test.
I got plenty of no code friends, I don't care.
They passed the test that was being used at the time as it should be, regardless of the fact that older guys had to learn code.

I know guys that screamed the sky was falling when they permitted tech class a space on ten meters.
End of the world, but nothing changed.
I would rather hear a new no code tech on ten meters than Tod on 28.425 calling CQ over and over and over endlessly

thought he got ran off this forum and the 10-10 club revoked his membership for being a total ASS
thanks for update BJ
hope ya doing good.
3.865 is dead in mornings
been enjoying captain chucks videos on u tube.
caught him on 20 meters few months back.
when you going get your wires back in the air?

Update February 4, 2023: 4 team members have spent 4 days on the island under difficult conditions. All team members are now back on the vessel and everyone is safe. Bouvet has proved to be a difficult destination to activate, and the team is now adjusting our plans before we return to the island. The wx forecast for the weekend indicates a storm with 60 knot wind Sunday/Monday and depending on this storm we will assess the situation and go onshore when conditions are good. This will not be a fullscale operation as planned but a smaller setup. We have a good overview of the camp and the possibilities, and will attempt to continue building the camp. We have infrastructure on the island including access to the camp.
We will send the next update later. 73, 3Y0J team
According to images posted on their fb, there is nothing done on the island.
4 days, not even one tent set, not infrastructure. Only penguins to show.
They are on the air with 3 vertical antennas (30m, 15m, 17m), and 3 radios running 100w from one generator.

They have made over 5,000 Qs mostly CW and SSB. Yesterday they focused on FT8. They have asked that if you work them on CW or SSB , not to work them again on FT8, to give others a chance for a new one.

Lots of QRM, people not working split, band cops, and pirate stations. I think many of the folks in the US that think they have worked them have worked a pirate.

A storm is rolling though today (Thursday). The boat has moved to better deal with the storm. Nine ops will stay on island and operate if they can. They have 4 days of food on the island.

Obviously things are not going as they had planned and they are taking a lot of flack for their minimal signal. I commend them for the attempt and still hope to work them. They really are risking their lives!

Attached is a VOACAP prediction between me and Bouvet. Assumes their 1/4 verticals and 3 element yagis at 66ft at my location in Eastern PA.


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    C'mon let me take you on a Sea Cruise! (Maybe there is someone to talk to out there?)
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    Seems to be dead on the radio lately. I don't know if the conditions are horrible, or more likely my weak antennas. I may head up in the mountains on Wednesday and see if reception / transmission is improved.