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50ft tilt crank up/tower w/pics

well i made a aluminum bracket thats pretty simple for the astroplane to mount on the side of the upper part of the lower tower..
turned out nice and level..the top just has 2 solid round alum bars welded so they slide in the top of the tower,,then a v bracket wrapped around the bottom part of the tower to keep it real sturdy.
comes completly apart with 2- 9/16 nuts on the bottom.
straightend the quad and trimmed a lot of trees..now all the lines and measurments are perfect where they should be on the quad..

have not tryed the astroplane yet to see if the tower beside it bothers it in any way..will try later tonight tho.

also made me an anvil i have been needing bad..some of the biggest illinois 1980 stamped track ive seen..gonna get a 3/4 or 1 inch plate for the top a lil wider,then hrs on the grinder to make it purdy.cut it all with a small victor torch and no glove:censored: took a few hrs so far..and it rings like a bell;)


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also made me an anvil i have been needing bad..some of the biggest illinois 1980 stamped track ive seen..gonna get a 3/4 or 1 inch plate for the top a lil wider,then hrs on the grinder to make it purdy.cut it all with a small victor torch and no glove:censored: took a few hrs so far..and it rings like a bell;)

As an old blacksmith, I gotta ask...did you make a hollow in the bottom of the anvil...and did you use it properly on July 4th?
havent used it yet..what hollow you speak of?? i will prob cut the hardy hole 1 inch on top of the plate i get and wider thru the bottom of the anvil so i can fill it back solid with weld..then will be tappered and have a fall out below..drilling a prichel hole will prob be a chore but i have a lot of drill bits,and good at sharpening them..
i was gonna weld a 3/4 solid bottom plate on just to make it look and have more weight but havent decided yet..

im open for suggestions anytime..i been using a anvil most my life for ornamenal gates and railing type stuff..now i wanna make knives and stuff for myself and family gifts..if my back will hold out a while longer.
An anvil doesn't sit flat, as you know. It sits on 4 very short "legs", though they are hardly big enough to call them legs. In the center of the bottom, between those "legs" there is a small, concave area. On eht 4th of July the town smith would contribute toi the town's festivities by "blowing the anvil", or placing a small amount of gunpowder in a pile on the ground in the middle of main street, placing the anvil with the hollow directly above the gunpowder, and dribbling some gunpowder along the ground for a little distance to act as a fuse.

Light the fuse and blow the anvil.
ive seen before but didnt no about the hole.cuped area in the bottom..since its railroad track i dont think it has to have a hollowed bottom,its been working fine lol.
i have been debating curving out the bottom sides to look like legs:D
did i mention how much i love this crank up tiltover tower? well i really do(y)
today i got 2 free ham 2 rotors from my dad,,one new "stored for many yrs"and all there and one older with the mount off the bottom..i will try the one w/out bottom bracket first since it will/should bolt directly into my antennas apex..also got the cde/cdr control box..
dad siad toggle switch on side was for the brake?
went online for wire..holy crapola..up to 1.69 ft and i need 150ft minimum.
i did find it for .88 a ft also..
dad said he used good phone line for yrs,and thats whats on it now so im asking others opinions on using phone line..
i will be useing this line regardless since i have it,but want opinions anyhow to enhance my learning curve:D and to know if i should really have the 8strand wire they sell for it specifically? if so i will keep a eye out for some when i hit the lotto.

on a side note..my 900mhz cordless telephone mic rig and 2995dx,with w2ihy 8 band eq is awesome..since mark in niagra falls "427" got me adjusted for broadcast quality.
i had it completly opposite of where mark put me..the highs were kept at plus 8 for many months with great reports on the radio sound.
mark put me at minus 14-16 on the eq highs with this element im using and within 2 minutes folks were following me from station to station commenting on my hf radio rig and heil microphone lol..
one guy had a 400 buck heil mic and many others..many of us went to ch 50 and had a talk and he let me listen to his heil,and other mics he had,and he was sad that his cheap mic was better than the heil..i was honest in answering as he asked me to be..
he was astonished at the sound qaulity from my rig so much a few of the guys wasnt sure i was being honest..
well maybe they will read this and belive it lol..big thanks to mark 427 on the canada side of niagra falls,,,,thanks a bunch(y)
its hard trying to come back to 30 people at the same time,but i can hear them all fine:LOL:

btw,the anvil is working great! first knife and letter opener i ever made.


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heres the rotors..they have to be a diffrent yr or something id think..the black one was new used 6 months when dad got it he said..its been in his shop for many many yrs..it has slight play in the rotor like normal and has a click when i turn it by hand..i feel like its maybe the brake lever i feel.

the other one must be diffrent or older as if i remove the bottom pole bracket from the newer one it will still be much bigger and longer than the other one..the smaller one would be better imo as its much lighter..the nicer one is as heavy as the 4ft apex on the tower.
i just brought some wire inside and gonna see if it will work:pop:


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funny;i have the rotor sittin on a metal chair, when i hit the brake release it scared the crap outta me,sounded like a 22 going off against the metal chair lol.

it works and works great..cycled it thru 3 times each direction..the control box is great also..

i ended with leaving it in the south position,and marked the rotor for when i scrounge up some wire..
it looks so good,and sounds real smooth..should i check inside for the he!! of it

i assume if i pull the top off the 98 ball bearings wont fall on the floor?<More audio>
The bigger one is a HAM M model. It has a wedge brake, that is what you heard release. Rotor Doctor Online This where you go for any parts and the special grease. The bearings should be a plastic holder. Just watch the orientation of the of top when you take it apart and reassemble it.

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