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Beginner APRS questions


Aug 5, 2012
I often work where cell coverage doesn't exist. My wife got her ham license so she can reach when during the day. This requires us both listening to whatever traffic is on the repeater for hours all day long.
I've never been interested in APRS but I recently learned you can send messages thru it.
I've discovered the Mobilinkd TNC that connects with bluetooth to a mobile phone. It seems like this TNC would allow us to send text messages to each other over the APRS digi network.
If I have one of these TNC's attached to each of our mobile radios and the radios set to 144.39 should we be able to send messages this way?
I'm not interested in GPS or location reporting. I really don't want to have to buy fancy new APRS specific radios either.
I'm anxious to learn about this mode and what it can do but I have no background on it at all.

Have you tried any of the cell phone boosters like the one from wilson that your phone has to be in the cradle. I have not used one myself, but have heard of others using them with decent results. How far away is the nearest cell tower? This may be an alternative. Maybe not. Might be worth a look into a bit. JMO. God bless.
One county I work in only has 1 cell tower in the whole county.
I'm not sure how many are in some of the adjoining counties. We're pretty close to the NARO in Greenbank, WV so they tend to limit what the cell companies can put up.
Some areas I work in I've seen guys get a cell signal with a yagi antenna on a mast but even that has to be in exactly the right spot. Putting that up with guy wires and what not isn't exactly a great solution.
No I hear ya, I know there are quite a few areas up in the mountains that a cell tower just can't get put due to reasons beyond our control. Didn't know if it was an option or not. Hope you find something that works.
Interesting TNC (but then again I haven't play with APRS for a few years)
By having a quick look, I would say yes to your main concern. I'm not sure exactly where in WV you are but I know that 2 years ago Linda (XYL) had my portable APRS in her truck when she went from Ontario to SC on a quick trip and it work pretty well in the whole state.

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