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Brand New Base Set up


Supporting Sr. Member
Feb 17, 2016
Well Radio Friends, after being under the Weather last week, finally got the time tonight to set up the new base station!! Checked the Swr using the built-in meter and it came up 1.0 on channel 1& 1.1 on channel 40,so I was happy with that,it's nice having everything in one Base unit so to speak!! Had to get a bigger desk for the radio,found a used one in good condition at our local Centerpeace( kinda like a local goodwill store) for only $40 bucks........Now all I need is for the Solar Cycle to get it's act together so I can get some good station's and talk to some folks!! Hope you all have a Happy & Blessed upcoming Easter from my Family to yours!!!!

Steve AE#575

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