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Chierda S890 SSB

I have asked for the schematic and service manual from the factory representative and from the Alibaba store. We will see.

Simon has the manual.


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Quick update, service manual is not available. There will be a delay shipping my radio, there is a board revision to fix the RF gain and swr reading. Also I was informed that the $86 price for a sample was incorrect and Alibaba made a mistake in the listing. The price is supposed to be $125, but they will give me the low price since it was a mistake. I told him that I picked the radio because of the "AI noise reduce" feature. He said that feature was not available yet, and he didn't know when.

It is such an adventure dealing with foreign companies. :rolleyes:

So what is the word on when (date) the NR will be in place since the MENU is already there for it, kinda strange ?
The Good:
The radio is actually smaller than I thought it would be, and that's a good thing. Looks like it would fit perfectly in an ammo can. The display is changeable to several different colors. It has great sounding receive, and the clarifier can VFO all over the place making this a great DX machine. The microphone is a good size and has AQ auto squelch, up/down, and mute buttons. It does 40w in all modes, even FM.

The Bad:
The TX audio is a little strange in that it has hardly any treble, and is bass heavy causing the sound to be muffled. This is really noticeable on AM, while on sideband, it sounds much better, but still muffled. The 4 pin mic plug is not the standard Ranger / Galaxy / Cobra, so I had to make an adapter. The stock mic is electret, so I put one of my telephone elements in it, but it made no difference. The radio itself is made this way. I went through my microphone collection and came to the conclusion that a power mic is really needed to wake this thing up. The Zetagi MB+5 really does a great job, and I even made contact with the Netherlands this morning with a great audio report.

Mic Pinout:
1 - Ground
2 - Audio
3 - PTT
4 - Function Buttons

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The AMCV pot is the AM modulation limiter adjustment. I turned it all the way up and it helped a little. Did not box car or pinch the carrier at all.

The low power adjustment pots are missing, and have a resistor in their place from the factory.

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