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The Icom IC-745 also was triple conversion with IF's at 70 MHz, 9 MHz and 455 KHz. the ICOM IC-740 was triple conversion with IF's at 39.7315 MHz, 9.0115 MHz, and 455 KHz. the now nearly vintage Kenwood TS-430 was triple conversion in FM mode and dual conversion in AM/SSB/CW modes with IF's at 48.055 MHz, 8.830 MHz, and 455 KHz in FM mode only. The Yaesu FT-767GX was triple conversion with IF's at 45.030 MHz, 8.215 z, and 455 KHz. Basically what I am saying is that triple conversion receivers are NOT just coming into the market but rather have been around for decades. We have simply seen the introduction of so much shitty dual conversion gear in the past couple decades that rely on software to do the job that hardware should be doing that we have lost sight of the fact that the proper way to do something WAS the way it was being done all along. i am not saying that SDR gear is crap, not in the slightest, but I am saying that any SDR gear NEEDS hardware to make it truly competitive against even the older gear when it comes to actually hearing a weak signal parked between two strong ones.
So many ways you can go here it's not even funny. I was in a very similar situation as you several years back. I picked an Icom IC-718 mainly for cost. I too, wanted that smooth sound on SSB. Later added an Inrad narrow SSB filter, which made a huge difference in the receive. I still have this rig, and really enjoy it. There are many others out there in your price range.

I know hams are always pushing people to get their ticket... so here goes my push now that I am one. You mentioned the DX dying out due to the solar cycle. That's the main reason I got my ticket... DX is there on other bands when 11 meters is dead! I'd pick a rig that suits your needs and that you like to operate. Get your ticket! Triple conversion and quad conversion might turn out to be something you don't care about. My OLD TS-520 has one of the nicest sounding receivers I've ever listened to, and it is a just a dual conversion rig.

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With minimal effort you can get excellent rx and tx on both am and ssb and run 11 meters with the Kenwood Ts 440
Icom is so full of $h!t with their quad conversion claims!!! the tried cheating by jumping off an IF stage if I am correct I remember reading about it years ago!!! The 11 meter boys that run the Icoms in my area refuse to accept this but then again they have had conversations on the 11 meter band on how their Icom CB radios are American made LMAO!!!
I don't seem to have any issues with my icom 746. I know it's not the best there is but it does work well for me. I am not biased per say as far as radios go, I would buy a kenwood if I was going to purchase a new radio but I am happy with my Icom.
I still regret ever selling my Icom IC-735. The receiver was VASTLY superior to the piece of crap in my present FT-857D. I honestly do not see a radio on the market today that really appeals to me, at least not one that does not cost $5000 or more. I dislike menus and like knobs and that is what things have been moving away from. I hate the looks of the newer Kenwoods regardless of how they may perform. I still like using my TS-820S however. Some day after I win the lottery I might just throw 10-12K out and get what appeals to me but for now I make due.
By meek and unimpressive you mean they actually sound like a radio should on AM instead of a pile of overmodulated overdriven bassy unintelligible crud.

People on CB have been doing crap overdriven unintelligible audio on AM so long they think its how it should sound. Err, no.

If Cbers tick you off with their loud radios, stay in the Ham section of this forum.
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I don't know why the video shows the hard way of doing things. It isn't necessary to use the ACC plug if you have the right mixer.

I use a Yamaha MG 10 small format mixer with 3 band EQ that has balanced XLR main outputs. I use a Heil XLR to 8 pin cable with the PTT pigtail jack wired for my Kenwood TS590 and plug straight to the mic input of the radio from the XLR output of the mixer.


It isn't the hard way, its the proper way.

By using the front mic socket, as the video states, you use the mic-preamp of the radio and all the distortion it has and any equalisation it applies to the input thus in most cases undoing what you're trying to achieve to some extent. Using the ACC socket on the back bypasses the mic pre-amp and this also means you bypass the distortion and any equalisation of the radio. You therefore get transmitted audio which is far far nearer what the mixer is outputting than by using the mike socket. Your TS590 being used the way you are is applying equalisation to the equalised signal you're putting into it.
not to mention a certain actual Amateur only dedicated website,....... he gets HAMMERED on there

I'll just post this. I guess I don't have a clue:


I also have six first in England for the CQ-WW, CQ-WPX, IARU World HF Championship and ARRL International DX contests. My scores are in the top 20% of all entries for all classes worldwide including those running 1.5kW into multi-stacked yagis on massive towers.

What the whiners on that site can't accept is someone who has been licensed only a few years and not being a brass key pounder holding what is considered a cornflake packet license doing that well.

I'm on this board because to be honest, amateur radio is seemingly full of people just waiting for god and CBers seem to have a lot more fun with radio.
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