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What happened to Redbeard? He hasn’t replied in about a week now, not like him to be so quiet..

Wonderin’ that, too.

A). That bar fly they call, La Chupacabra” , get him?

B). I’d be too embarrassed to start calling funeral homes down there to ask if they buried a guy went by, ”Pooter”.

(Well, it those two stink bombs don’t light off, we can have a wake our friend had to stoop to paid employment).

(Prayers, nevertheless. Hisself, his family & friends).

Ok. Extended to May 31.
Double the points for contacts with Redbeard U812.

I heard Redbeard U812 calling me on 38 LSB yesterday afternoon May 22.

I was able to hook up with him and we went to 33 LSB. Nice QSO with him no mention of the forum brought up by either of us.

I'm guessing not good for "double points" these days. o_O

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  • @ Charles Edwards:
    I'm looking for factory settings 1 through 59 for a AT 5555 n2 or AT500 M2 I only wrote down half the values feel like a idiot I need help will be appreciated
  • @ Wildcat27:
    Hello I have a old school 2950 receives great on all modes and transmits great on AM but no transmit on SSB. Does anyone have any idea?