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FCC nukes a HAMB, but not for Part 97 violations...


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Jan 22, 2017
News reports in the Metro Atlanta area in the past 2 weeks or so included an IDIOT interfering with the Bartow County GA Police, Fire and Rescue frequencies.

There are IDIOTs everywhere!!



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Mar 9, 2006
tldr; a guy in new jersey was consistently playing the price is right 'sad trombone' sound over frequencies used by public service. it was not stated whether it was fire, police, or other public services.
He was sent a letter by the FCC, and denied that it was him.
they did direction finding and proved that it was him.
he then admitted that it was him.
he was pulling over on the side of the road and transmitting from his car.
the FCC smashed his radios, revoked his license, charged him 7500 bucks, and told him that he couldn't apply for another license for three years.
they also stated that any future incidences will be met with a 32,500 dollar fine.

the best part of this for me is the public perception. since he held a ham license, all the articles referred to him as a ham.
those of us in the hobby know full well this guy was a CBer who also had a ham license.
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