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FCC should just open up 11meters as a Citizens experimental band.

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wavrider said:
Listening to some of the stations on 11 meters and the operators it does seem like an experiment always

When I used to talk alot on 11,I couldnt stand some of the bad operators! (They sounded like crap)

I love analogue but this was insane....
I don't know a single person that follows the rules that are in place now .

This. It doesn't need to change because it really doesn't matter, those operating there don't care about the regs because they already know the unwritten rules, which is that if someone doesn't cause horrendous RFI or interfere with other services, enforcement is basically nonexistent.

11 m is a wash with all types of equipment that brakes every rules the FCC set forth for CB Radio use. The FCC has to know what's going on. I think trying to rectify the issue would be like trying to drain the Atlantic Ocean with a straw.
The FCC really dont care that much about the equipment out there......Now if your causing interference with emergency communications or making it so Granny Hester cant watch her Soap Operas or Game Shows then thats a "Horse Of A Different Color" as my mother use to say but as long as your not causing any type of interference they arent likely to bother you.......But if your causing interference they will take steps to stop the interference.
There's is a guy in merced California his name is Ira Jones.
(Google Ira Jones FCC enforcement.)
Back in 2010 this guy was causing interference to a local fire stations radio equipment.
It took near a act of God to get the FCC to address the problem.
They could not even manage to inspect his station.
2 field agents from the San Fran enforcement division along with 2 Merced police officers showed up at his house and he refused to let them in. Really.
They gave up and left a notice of violation sitting on his front porch. That was just the beginning.
The story goes on until 2012 when the FCC attempted to fine him $7000.00
By that time the fire department had replaced there radio equipment and solved the interference problem on there own.
Last time I was down there , Mr Jones was still talking on 27.165 and will tell you that he never paid the fine nor did the FCC ever inspect his station.
The locals put a Lot of effort into getting this guy off the radio and it never happend.
In my lifetime I have seen 1 , just 1 enforcement action come to a complete solution. That also involved a rouge CB operator that was causing interference , and hate and discontent with a community of CB users. It took writing to the local officials , congressman , getting police and the sheriff's department involved. Finally after gun fire had been exchanged by several party's Federal Marshals showed up and arrested the guy.
Not the FCC.
Do not fool yourself thinking the FCC is going to swoop in and save the day over a interference complaint.

You would think that with plenty of documented goodies on him it seems it would be a piece of cake.....
It can be frustrating when it really IS important and it takes over a year to get them to start doing something.
After a while you do get the feeling that most things Cb (And Ham radio) are not high on the list.

I think just throwing the doors open on 11 meters with no qualifications or enforcement would be very much akin to that.

I thought that 11 meters was already run what you brung? The FCC is a Toothless Lion that could care less about 11 meters,Ham Radio,FRS/G<RS,MURS or any other public radio service. If it were up to them all of them would go away & the spectrum would be sold to the highest bidders. All of those services are nothing more than a Pain In The Ass to them. Everybody on the 11 meter band runs just what they want to & have for the last 20 years pretty much.

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The FCC exists to protect the “rights” (profits) of big players. As with most government agencies which may start with a mandate to do the right thing, but quickly morph into its opposite.

Think they’d be hard at work if someone starts shooting up cell phone towers? (which I’d imagine has happened).

The present state of affairs seems to work well enough.

As to the rogues, well, some matters may better be left “private” as to actions taken.
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I do not encourage anyone to try to take vigilante actions to solve a problem like this. As in the action with the guy that got arrested by the feds it really did get dangerous. I was not kidding. He was a bonfied nut case. There is no psych test to use a radio and there are some real nuts out there. It may seem the answer is to go rope the guys antenna and pull it through the fence , but next thing you know he has got your license plate and has video of you and your car and turned you in for destruction of private property.
The judge will not be interested in you CB problems , he just see destruction of property and YOU are the bad guy.
Or worse he steps out and has unloaded his 9 mm in your car.
Not worth it. I been playing radio a long time. I seen some crazy shit over the years , nothing radio is worth some ones life.
This is why I can not understand when guys are obsessed with some lids on 80 meters raising hate and discontent when it is not a life altering event.
In those type of cases simply changing frequency makes it all go away.
In Mr Jones case he was interfering with public safety and still it took how long to get it solved....no wait the fire dept solved it , not the FCC.
I also have seen a million postings on the internet about how the FCC broke down the guys door ransacked his home took all his radio gear and burned it at a sacrificial alter for all the world to see.
Not happening.
Yes the FCC hands out fines and does enforcement actions all the time but most of the time it is commercial related. You know if Ira had simply thrown the POS amplifier he had behind his galaxy away the whole thing would have been over.
And my rant is over
Off the soap box......Next?
The "society for the prevention of dead airspace" was once approached by the powers (powerless?) that be because of an aberrant and abhorrent operator that they could do nothing about. It was suggested that if they could do nothing about him they could likewise do nothing about vigilante action against him.

A cable tied to the coax and the antenna came down as well as the watt meter, linear, radio, and microphone following the coax out the window. End of problem and reasonable access to hilltops in our area that ordinarily would not have been allowed were the result.

A few decades in the rear view mirror and I would not condone such an action nor would I participate. In the end it highlighted the inability of the law enforcement community to police or enforce the radio community.

Long live the "society for the prevention of dead airspace"
I strongly recommend against vigilante actions. Especially these days.There are lots of people that own guns and would not hesitate one second to protect their property.
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