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hd350 texas star


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Apr 15, 2005
Lebanon county PA
i got one of these at cooper electronics. i had it for two weeks and the keying resister went out. does any one know where i fac get one? or does any one know how to get in touch with texas star? i can’t find a good # on the internet? thanks a lot .

So a little birdie off through the grapevine said that Texas star is actually for sale. It isn't because advertised but the source is one who deals with Galaxy/Texas star often and in large volumes so pretty credible.

Any takers? Split it halves, thirds or quarters?

Kind of a Grey area of legality
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Years back they got FCC approval for the CW transmitters with the crystal board in them, thus they were openly selling them with no issues.
Now that they are being sold without the crystal board I am sure that bet is off.
With no more real Toshiba's and they seem to be having problems with tuning out of the box....
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For that reason, I am out

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Maybe Luke will buy them.
But why? Why would you say such a thing!
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Nothing, and the 2 E mails I sent were bounced back.
I called a friend down there and he said he don't know what's up.
I had a e mail for Ray that used to be a Galaxy Radio tech I will dig and see if I can find it.

They are still there, I just got off the phone with John.
They are still working just swamped.
He told me if you are having a problem with a new amp, fill out the return authorization form for a Galaxy radio on there web site.
They are answering E mails it just may take a day or two but they have not gone anywhere.
Use the a mail that is on the site, the old e mails I had are no long valid.
And Mike is still there as well.
One of the founders of Texas Star has passed and that is what sparked the TS for sale rumor.
They are still building and still ordering parts, they are facing the same supply chain issues everyone else is.
They only answer the phone from 10 am Pacific to 5 and if the are busy they might not get it right away, but John said the best thing is fill out the Return form for a Galaxy Radio and submit it.


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