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hd350 texas star


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Aug 13, 2008
A keying transistor in a Texas Star is a pretty simple 5 minute fix. Glad you went that route rather then mess around with returning the amp. Does yours have the DEI or HG finals?


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Apr 6, 2005
Sierras Near Yosemite National Park
I asked that as well, and was told that the DEI branded transistors were one of the early versions of HG and they were making changes in the beginning.
I think this is why some of the different lots of HG 2879 tuned different from the lot before.
Toshiba had already figured out and perfected the manufacturing process so you got a very constant product .



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Apr 22, 2020
Lower Alabama
Do not take this as gospel as I'm "assuming & assembling" statements/impressions from techs and other boards but.... DEIs were the "intro" market brand and as you know, didn't have a solid standing in the RF world but was the best available at the time. So, as the revisions rolled out and their quality improved, they changed (branched off) into HG because DEI now had a subpar reputation for quality whereas "HG" was new and providing better transistors. Basically, It's easier to get people to take a chance on a new company than convince them to keep buying from one with a poor reputation.
At least that's my interpretation of it all.

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