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How many radios do you run?

Dad gum dude, you've had it rough but glad your home and the important people living there are all OK.

Although it sucks, stuff is just stuff right!

Hope your station rebuild goes smoothly.
You’re gonna think this is weird I have a new Yaesu 710, I have an FT101EX that I use, I keep a Lafayette SSB 140 underneath the rest of my radios just in case I get a visit I can say I use that for an 11 m band. I also have a 101ZD that I like a lot but it seems the 101EX receives better, and I have personally had a professional align the ZD by the shop manual but for some reason the older 101 just has better receive. I also have a Yaesu 857D, an 891 they’re all here to hook up anytime I want but that older 101 just seems to be a freak, radio or something. I use a different Turner microphones depend on the radio, a local guy tells me which one sounds best with which radio but sometimes I don’t remember so I have to write it down in my contact book. The 710 I used to stock mic and set the output frequencies for the microphone to where it sounds the best, it’s nice to have a radio that you can do that with, and still use the stock mic
I have 2 ssb bases, 4 ssb mobiles, 4 am mobiles, & 4 am walkie talkies. Needles to say the AM stuff doesn't get played with. And let's not forget the AM, FM mobile that just hangs out. I have to put my sickness on hold ! LOL Oops I forgot the Lincoln II+ also. ( Work in Progress when I get time ) Never a dull moment ! And the UV-5R 8W that I have to explore yet. ( GMRS mode )
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Dad gum dude, you've had it rough but glad your home and the important people living there are all OK.

Although it sucks, stuff is just stuff right!

Hope your station rebuild goes smoothly.
It's the Devil thinking he can make me angry. I know I'm on the Winning Team so it's not possible so he's wasting his time here & that's great because somebody else is catching a break while he's wasting time with me. LOL It's all OK here & we will be back better than ever really soon. Thanks much & 73 de W4KVW
I’ve got 3 that I run on a reglar. Anytone AT-6666, Stryker SR-955HP and a Realistic TRC-457. I also have a TRC-459 I can hook up anytime. I’ve also got Cobra Cam 89, President HR-2510, Ranger AR-3500 100W, Connex 4600 DXL and a Cobra 146-GTL, awesome lil radio. All of those I can hook up and run.

I also have a Browning Mark 4A and a President Madison that both need work. One of these days, for sure on the Browning!!
Excuse the dust and rubble - reorganizing.


1.President Lincoln II +
2. RCI 2950DX blue display
3. Cobra 19X (yard sale find)
4. Magnum 257 blue face (in closet)
Mics are interchangeable as wired up 4 pin adapters on all radios.

1. Ex NightThumper Astatic D104
2. Modified real Sadelta Echomaster Plus W/ the famous double RB (not the cheap galaxy clone with single RB)
3. Turner plus 3
4. Superstar DM 5000 Tornado with recordable noise toy IC

POV - Anytone Graces private labeled as Radioddity CS-47


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Since the question was how many, not what...

Not counting donors and parts, 29 working radios - CB, export, 10M-12M, Amateur. Most of the CB, export, and some 10M radios are in need of being recapped. WIP, started with the oldest, working forward.

I run:
HF = 1 200w HF + 6meter full time on HF antennas
CB = Rotate between 5 40 ch CB SSB bases 1 week at a time on 11M antennas
10-12M mobile = Rotate between 9 radios (mostly for mic checks) on HF and 11M antennas.

HF = 1 200w HF + 6meter full time on multiband HF antenna
CB = 2 rotate with 10M mobiles on GoldenRod 45 antenna
10-12M mobile = Rotate between 9 on multiband HF & GR45

Looks like I "run" 18 radios.

Too many radios, not enough time...

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