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Is it safe to spray DeoxIT into relays?


Active Member
Jul 7, 2015
Hello all
I am trying to restore a 12/74 PAL 351bdx and when i hook it up to a antenna there is no signal passing thru.
If i follow the schematic it should run thru a few legs of a relay so my first thought is to spray it out real good.
First a quick background the amp came out of a garage where it has sat for over 30 years and it was COVERED
in dust and a bit of dirt, Using a compressor and air gun along with a nylon brush i cleaned it and now it looks
almost like new, But i assume the relays have the same dust and dirt on the contacts,
So is it safe to spray it out? It would be a huge pain to unsolder it to run dollar bills thru it.
Thank you for reading and and hope for your replies.


Master of puppets
Jul 9, 2009
Aren't relay contacts gold plated? No need to spray anything.
If contact is bad it means gold layer is gone and relay should be replaced.

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