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looking for6146 final mod for ft-101e


Soft Senior Movement
Oct 15, 2011
looking for information on the 6146 final mod for the ft-101e as the cost of the 6js6c are getting higher and the 6146's are still affordable and more durable
any help would be appreciated


bench tech
Sep 14, 2012
go to FoxTango google search.. they have all the info.. I have done this mod its not bad does not make same power as a matched set of 6js6c.. 6146 is still ok available...


Dec 2, 2012
Tampa Bay area, Florida
I have the yaesu 101 twins, FR101s receiver and FL101 transmitter. Transmitter uses the stock 6JS6C tubes. The 6HF5 tubes can be made to use in it, with slight change on tube sockets (look up specs). These tubes can be gotten from 15 to 20 bucks, much cheaper than the stock tubes and have almost the same output. My FL101 was made to be able to use these tubes or the stock ones. I just purchased another pair of the 6HF5's at a hamfest locally for 15 bucks each, good old GE stock, and work great. I wanted to have some spares because we all see tubes are getting scarce. Hope this helps.

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