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LP100A Thoughts on this.

It's a kit...go to the site - read about it. Its' RF wattmetering at it's best.

The controllers are pre-done up - you assemble the modules and away you go.

Cost? $1,000 (That's why there is MASTERCARD) - the fun playing with all the buttons? - Priceless
everyone knows that these are the hottest thing running in wattmeters:


if your wattmeter don't have an antenna on it you just ain't got it!

Well I was gonna order one until LooseCannon posted that mighty fine bad mammajamma right there. Gonna check Dollar General's website right now and see if they got that one in stock... sure they do.
Antenna but no field strength setting. LOL

F/S was done with you holding the unit - and you used that wire as the antenna - you set the meter to FWD and Use the SWR side of it and adjust the needle to deflect - using the knob...

But what does the Vector mean?

In this case, it means "Direction" the waves are traveling...A Geometry/Trigonometry heavy math stuff
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