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LP100A Thoughts on this.

I wish it had an analog display.

But the concept of a 'vector wattmeter' is really cool. Had a long talk with Larry the year he introduced it. He was very generous to take the time explaining it. The accuracy should be as good as any other wattmeter out there.

The ability to display the antenna's reactance without first unhooking the radio to read it with an analyzer was a breakthrough at the time.

The only barrier for me is the price. Still rely on Bird 43 meters.

Probably a "devil you know versus the devil you don't" sort of thing.

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No like this one and here is the newer 901 for $139.00->https://www.gigaparts.com/daiwa-cn-901hp-swr-meter-1-8-200mhz-20-200-2000w.html

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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Maybe. I wasn’t impressed with just clamping the shield wire to the boom with a hose clamp. I built a l bracket with so239 female hubs. I posted a picture on the recent gallery’s.
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    Well I cut the matching stubs down 1 inch at a time from about 20” down to 6”. Still no real changes.
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    Hello everyone, I have a old courier centurion pll 40 channel SSB, it has the extra channels and it has another switch that just moves the frequency down one channel on the dial, what is the purpose for this?
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