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LP100A Thoughts on this.

I love my LP-100A. The R/X/Z mode is great for dialing a manual antenna tuner. Otherwise, yes the Daiwa would be my second choice. I'm not committed to cross needle (though I do have one inline as part of the amp as well).
I also like the high SWR cut-out feature of the LP-100A. It has only engaged once but saved me when I was being seriously stupid.
I think the LP-100A is a fine device. If it wasn't for its high cost, I would have purchased one. Since I am a cheap Ham (very cheap), I must settle for second best. Fortunately, second best is still very able and good . . .
Robb what would you say the second best is? I have the MFJ copy of the LP100A and it is not so accurate on the power side I love it for monitoring my station
I think the LP-100A is a fine device. If it wasn't for its high cost, I would have purchased one. Since I am a cheap Ham (very cheap), I must settle for second best. Fortunately, second best is still very able and good . . .

ROBB do not confuse cheap with frugal(y)(y)

I like the AUTEK WM-1 also but as you stated not in business.
So I found a good deal on a BIRD and peak kit 2x 5x multiplier.

Consensus is??

All damn meters are relative if accuracy is needed then get an O scope.
Or if money is not a problem a spectrum analyzer.:whistle::whistle:

I have the scope, but I don't have a rich Uncle who has a workshop full of electronic equipment so I will most likely never have a spectrum analyzer.
I like the Autek meter and a few years while thinking and contemplating buying one the website disappeared, I then found out they went under. That meter had all high reviews. I would now be afraid to buy a used one because I have read about people that needed repairs and there is no one to fix them. I sure wish I would have bought one back then.
Nomad the LP100A is a bit of a antenna analyzer.

Yes, that's what Larry means by "vector" wattmeter. It will display Z (impedance), R, the resistance half of the impedance and "X", the reactance part of the impedance each separately.

Just like a MFJ analyzer.

Sorta. When I asked Larry about resolving the sign of X, that is, whether the antenna's reactance is capacitive or inductive, he explained that two separate power sources are used to do this in a full-bore network analyzer. A wattmeter has only one.

But finding the sign of X is not so tough. Just change frequency until the X reading rises or falls. If it goes up with increasing frequency, it's inductive reactance. If it goes down with increasing frequency it's capacitive reactance.

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I like the 500 but the sensor does not come with it. By the time you buy the LP500 and all the rest you are WAY up there in price.
I just priced the lp700 with a 10kw coupler at $1000 USD even. plus tax of course.
Ouch. BUT by the time you buy a used bird 43, peak kit and a shitload of slugs, you are at $1k easy. The fact that you dont need to change slugs and you get peak / rms and reflect all at the same time, almost justifies the cost. I may have 5 or 6 bird 43's for sale in the very near future.
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I did not realize this thread was still going. Some time after this post in 2018 or 2019 I ended up with a LP100A. I like it and I don't. like it. When in line you really can not tell if your bench is 50 Ohm. or not. It throws everything off. I did call the manufacturer and he explained that it does that and I can not remember how and why but insured me it was not throwing everything off. I almost sold it a couple times until one day I had a external wawasee brand frequency counter that shorted out and was giving my bench a dead short. The high SWR alarm in the LP100A went off and I am sure I would have found the problen This spotted it quick. For that reason I probably will keep it but for some reason I like my Bird more than the LP100A.
Sold my Bird 43P with 12 elements and went with these. Have never looked back.
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