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moron on 28.425


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Jun 21, 2008
guess who in on "his" freq and is getting blasted for being a moron:D

it really getting heated:censored::censored: :pop:

Wiskey Delta-40

W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Oct 18, 2011
Bradshaw Mtns Arizona
He has snapped... 2 weeks ago he was cussing people out for NOT being a 10/10 member and answering his call,
Saying it was wasting his time and the the other party was a Bleep and Bleep idiot

Wire Weasel

Senior Moment
Dec 13, 2008
Please please let me guess !!!!

.425 ?? 10-10 ??

Is it Todd, KC4TVZ by any chance? What a schmuck.

What a total jackwagon. This guy lives about 40 miles from me and unfortunately I can hear him direct.

He is a total CBer and gets on 19, the trucker channel in the SE, and lays down on it calling ONE-NINE, ONE-NINE over and over to interfere with the truckers and calls himself the One Nine Kid. Other channels his "regular" handle is The Warrior. And with his super thick stupid southern drawl you can imagine how that sounds... Wawwreeyooorrrrrrr

Everybody hates this moron

And don't miss Mrs. Jackwagon, KD4BVG

He's such a two-faced blob of blubber. He takes turns raising pure hell on CB then runs up to 10 meters and "who me?...I'm innocent...I haven't done anything..."

The local ARC in his home county refuses him membership....because everybody knows him and knows what he does and how he behaves. Sad
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Wire Weasel

Senior Moment
Dec 13, 2008
My log shows I've worked him twice in the past. I now have him check marked as a TURD.



Mar 16, 2012
I logged 5 NEW 10-10 Contacts on 03-15-2012.
So that just proves my type of operation on 10 Meters Works because I really didn't expect to make but 3 New 10-10 contacts on 03-15-2012.

catch you all tommorrow on 28.425!!!

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Active Member
Mar 7, 2006
Somewhere between DC and Daylight..
We have a bunch in this area who follow the same shtick: Raise hell with the 11M crowd, go back to 10 and act like nothing happened. Their buddies cover for them (of course). Only problem is that a lot of the offendees have export radios and/or VHF ham transceivers and will bring the fight into the ham bands.

Those of us who use both services are naturally caught in the crossfire. (rolleyes)
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  • @ AudioShockwav:
  • @ kb9ghn:
    My first thought was the i.r.s. may be interested in a long term money making scam without proper taxes being paid..probably more than electronics involved.
  • @ Toll_Free:
    My first thought was why hasn't someone paid him a visit. I mean, his address is posted above.
  • @ beakster1715:
    Good news! I opened an appeal case after eBay sided with superhawkwss6. I also opened an IC3 case & sent that information to eBay. Within an hour they responded, reversed their decision and returned all of my money. Unfortunately, superhawkwss6 stole my CB radio and eBay will likely not suspend or close his account, but rather allow him to continue his criminal activity. I think I'll still file a report with our sheriff's dept (the sheriff is a friend of mine) though I know this type of crime isn't worth their time. This guy needs to be stopped and I'm certainly going to do my best to make that happen.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    Good Evening!