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My Little Shack New Shelf

Shadetree Mechanic

Delaware Base Station 808
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
Hey guys,
Just a quick update on the shack progress. I had purchased the yellow Robyn 240D a while ago and quickly realized that I didn't have a good place to put it. I am not a fan of stacking radios on top of one another and the Madison on my grandfather's Hammerlund kept bugging me. I wanted to build a shelf that was worthy of being in this station and I wanted it to look like it belonged. Here is a picture of the old station.


I bought a 1x12 pine board and some aluminum angle and started trying to figure out how to do it. In order for it to look right, I would have to stain it and try to get the color close enough that it didn't look out of place. Needless to say, I never got around to doing anything with it and ended up putting the Robyn on top of the filing cabinet in the corner of the room.

Then as luck would have it, the office supply room at work got the 5s treatment by the department manager. This nice shelf that held different colors of copy paper suddenly needed a new home. I asked my boss about it and he wrote me a pass for it and I took it home. Maybe I should just load it up with radios and put a couple of amps in the bottom and call it good? I would be tempted to do that if there was room beside the desk.


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