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Palomar MAX-MOD

If it's running hot add more heatsink to the stock regulator. I used to put heatsinks on uniden grants and cobra 148s. I like to talk a lot and this kept the part much cooler.
I look at it this way...

Relativistic Speaking...
Size Dimensioning alone...​

If you can fit it in there, there's no one to stop you from doing so...
But if you need to cut, bend - trim - or SPINDLE to make it fit - then it does NOT belong there...

This was - and still is, one of many lessons learned by any newbie Tech
  • - if it don't fit or even look like the part that it's going to replace, it probably don't
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Thanks guys I do have one laying round wanted to experiment but seems from results here not worth it
What works for one radio may not work for another they are like women you will never know untill you try iam here to tell you the waters fine jump on in it works on my blonde 2950 hello

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