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Remember when you got a free mobile

Two things I've never seen on fleaBay, the CPI Video Monitor and the CPI wall wart.

Also, the 142/140GTL was a better deal than the 2000/25GTL. Gee, I wonder which they were trying to clear out of the warehouse?
Good radios were not cheap back then.
My Midland 13-895 23 channel SSB radio lightened my wallet a little over $300 new.

This is so true, people coming into the hobby now don't realize how "good" they have it except the radios today are inferior quality to the old ones. The CPI stuff was easily over a grand in the 80s. I remember my father and I went to Korvettes and they had a sale on the Cobra 1000gtl, it was clearance for $150. Yep, we bought one, used that radio for a few years then gave it to my uncle.
I remember seeing a DAK I think it was somewhere. Four massive backlit meters, gorgeous metal faceplate, a massive base rig probably bigger than a GE Superbase...
I was young and don't remember the price tag on it, but I remember my father's hand on my shoulder and the words "...Drink it in, but not in a million years, so dont ask".
Think we had a Pearce Simpson Tiger or another Pearce Simpson it's a bit foggy and AVX (Audiovox) and a Kraco 23 channel so in retrospect we definitely were not in the right tax bracket for that huge monster.
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