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RF Limited News . . .

In addition, there are five new Magnum radios that are going to be released by RF Limited in the next few months. Since CB Radio Magazine/online magazine is retired, I am going to write the review when the first radio becomes available. This new radio will be capable of 10 -12m operation - for starters . . .

Will be looking forward to reading about the new radios :)
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Very sad to hear Sam Lewis has passed away. Guy did a lot for the hobby. Loved the AR3500, mag 257, omegaforce, and S-9. Fun radios no doubt.
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Will be looking forward to reading about the new radios :)

What's the latest on the new RF limited radios? I have searched some on the internet and can't find a thing. I really enjoy my Magnum S45. just curious to see what they are coming out with.
I usually check different cb shop sites every two or three weeks or so. I've been thinking about trying the topgun quad 5. Maybe RF will come out with something soon. I would like another radio to put in my pickup.
a little more info,

Please note that these products, even though shown here under a different name,
are now combined and distributed by the newly revived Palomar Electronics.
This company is a revival of the original Palomar Electronics and well known for
their quality products in the past. The original founders of Palomar Electronics have
now passed away, including Sam Lewis Jr. (RF Limited) of whom will be sorely missed
in the industry! Eric Lewis has now taken charge of that company and will eventually move all
of the past and famous brands back under the original Palomar Brand name!


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