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SWR Meter Placement For Tuning With Amplifier


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Apr 3, 2011
SF Bay Area
I always strive to get it as low as I can, but if you reach an impasse and it bottoms out, you can always get a good antenna tuner to keep the amp happy.
Those numbers are pretty good and won't hurt anything, but a tuner can get you a near perfect match and keep the box happy, run cooler, and last longer.
I run an old Drake MN2000 tuner. The thing is an absolute tank and can easily handle 2000 watts.


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Dec 7, 2005
Western Washington
I'm a little late to the party, but this was the latest discussion about SWR.
Everyone wants a low swr and I'm no different. I'm getting real tired of taking the antenna (vertical 5/8 wave) down, adjusting, and putting back up.
The best I'm able to muster as of now is a 1:11 on ch1 and 1:28 on ch 40 according to the Telepost LP-100-a with low radio dead key of 1.5 watts. Thinking that's close enough to use any amp, should I decide to add one later......or should I try to lower it even further?
1:11 and 1:28 are not usable ratios (the R in SWR stands for RATIO), and a ratio is properly stated as a variable number to the number 1.

There is only one colon in a ratio, and the colon is always followed by a 1. A ratio of two to one would be properly written as 2:1. It might be possible that you meant 11:1 and 28:1, but those values are far outside what is generally accepted as reasonable SWR values.
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